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HIGH LINE tracks past 30th St.

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  • HIGH LINE tracks past 30th St.

    I'm sure everyone is innundated by the City's newfound love for our industrial HIGH LINE jewel, but I just read today that the tracks above 30th St. are still threatened. This might be the best part of the snaking rails, since the view from them, to the west, is an almost pristine river sight, and to the east, is a cool diorama look at the 'scrapers of midtown . Anywho, here's the link:

    I think it is worth a look and for the neighborhood to support FOTHL and others against the MTA rippping the tracks down so they can then $ell the air rights to the Dolans for some unwatched sport team to move in, in a publicly financed dome, which I blithely estimate most of us would not frequent.

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    Re: HIGH LINE tracks past 30th St.

    And the latest, from CURBED:


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      Re: HIGH LINE tracks past 30th St.

      Hi Vespa, thanks for posting this. I found it very interesting. Although I'm having a little trouble following exactly what the main point is. The curbed article was especially confusing! And the NYT article seemed to be more about that guy and his train! Is your point that some serious developing is going to go on around 30th St because the views from there are so good? I don't understand why 30th is picked out. The views all along the river seem to be about as good as they are at 30th. Or does it have something to do with the rail yards? I'm not clued into all this.


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        Re: HIGH LINE tracks past 30th St.

        Basically, all the development going on above the meatpacking district - the new hotel, the Highline Festival curated by David Bowie, the opening of the Highline Ballroom show venue, and the rash of condos going up, essentially stops around 27th/28th St. And so a lot of the attention and preservation fever going on has ignored that the tracks continue on past there, loop around toward the river and end around 34th St.

        This section was in danger of being ripped down for the Jets stadium plan. Then the Dolans who own MSG and Cablevision want to put a new MSG on top of the back of the main Post Office. That may still happen. And if it does, I'm sure some fool will want to tear down the tracks for "luxury" condos.

        Well, lo and behold, the city has just the other day posted it's proposal for the new Hudson Yards development plan. It's boring to say the least, and mediocre at best. Not only will the tracks probably come down, our neighborhood is about to get overrun. This is essentially the biggest city plan since Robert Moses held sway over the city. The bidding is starting soon. The pdf and plans are here:

        More info is here:

        So, the tracks are still in danger of getting ripped down, and the park that is being built on top of it may not reach all the way into our neighborhood if these plans are locked in. Which would be a shame. Even more of a shame is that this neighborhood is about to become the Wild West for builders, and rents are going to fly up. If the tracks were preserved, it'd preserve the open space, and limit the building to happen. But now it looks like that won't happen unless there's a fight for the tracks.

        Friend of the Highline is here: