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Hazmat activity at postal building?

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  • Hazmat activity at postal building?

    I was on the M11 about an hour ago. As we passed the mail sorting facility on 28th and 9th, I noticed a huge clutch of fire trucks in front of the building. I didn't really pay it much mind until I noticed HAZMAT trucks were there too! Does anyone know what happened?

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    Re: Hazmat activity at postal building?

    Yes, I saw that as well Alexis. I was picking up my car at 12:00 at 30th & 9th and saw first the firetrucks and then as you mentioned the HAZMAT trucks as well. But then while driving around the city I must have come upon 4 different sets of fire trucks all racing somewhere. Hard to believe there were that many emergencies today. It made me wonder if maybe they weren't participating in some drill.