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  • incessant dog barking

    There's a dog, a pitbull (of course), that has been barking virtually non-stop for about 5 hours. This happens regularly. The dog lives in the Chelsea Elliot Houses (of course) on a high floor directly across from the new condo Loft25. I now know the dog by sight as well. He's occasionally trotted out by his teenage handler into the park between the towers where the teenager and his friends taunt and provoke the dog into histrionics. That's how I knew it was the dog in question; I witnessed one of these scenes and recognized the dog's voice immediately. I can only imagine what hell it must be for the dog's immediate neighbors. I, hundreds of yards away, am driven to demented distraction by his high-pitched yelping. Indeed, I would think that HUNDREDS of homes are affected by this animal's vocalizing....or am I the only one nearly mad with it?

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    Re: incessant dog barking

    I think you should call 311 about this. They should be able to tell you who to call or what to do. And by the way Tom, I started this site for almost the exact same reason! There was some insane noise across the street from me every night that no one else seemed bothered by. So I started this site basically to rant about that! So I totally relate to where you're coming from. I'd try 311 and see what they say. But yeah, I'm surprised more people aren't complaining. So many people just feel they have to put up with stuff like that. But they shouldn't have to.


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      Re: incessant dog barking

      Originally posted by tom.oh.tommy View Post
      his friends taunt and provoke the dog into histrionics.
      Assuming the police will not care about this noise violation, try the SPCA since this might also be an animal abuse situation.


      In NYC: Cruelty situations involving animals in New York City should be reported to the ASPCA?s Humane Law Enforcement department at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450, or

      Additional good info is on this page.