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    This from the West Side Rag. File under "Nothing New".

    Study Reveals Which Manhattan Grocery Chains Charge Premium Prices

    Posted on September 4, 2014 at 8:53 pm by West Sider

    Everyone know Whole Foods has the most expensive food on the Upper West Side, right? Right??


    A new report from Bloomberg Intelligence took a look at prices for a basket of 97 foods at several grocery chains in the New York area, and the results may surprise you. (News reports about the proprietary study don’t include every chain — Westside Market, Key Food, Associated and Trader Joe’s are notably absent — but the ones below were cited by shopping blog Racked).

    1. Gristedes: $458.84

    2. Food Emporium: $429.66

    3. D’Agostino: $428.64

    4. FreshDirect: $398.44

    5. Whole Foods: $391.39

    6. Fairway Market: $347.10

    Anyone surprised?

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    nope- its no secret- what is even more interesting is customers go shop in a certain supermarket and mention to the workers how high their prices are. It is not the fault of the employee who mere works there-the employee can not change prices and may actually shop elsewhere on their day off. I think the report is accurate except that gristedes gives senior discounts on tues.- some pennsouth folk only shop there on senior day but not everyone is a senior and let it be known the employee gets no discount unlike some of the competition. whole foods employees get a decent discount. i say if you dont want to shop where its too high don;t. you can walk down to associated or trader joes- that where I shop mostly


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      No surprise here. Gristede's, Food Emporium, and Dags have always been expensive. I've heard good things about Fresh Direct, and if you're willing to pay for the convenience it must be great. I prefer Trader Joe's, Fairway and NSA/Ideal when they have sales. I have notice some lower prices at Whole Foods recently, and when the fruit and produce are on sale the prices are ok.


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        Re: GRISTEDE'S - REDUX

        RE: "i say if you dont want to shop where its too high don;t. you can walk down to associated or trader joes..."

        Some of our older or disabled neighbors might find that a bit difficult or overly taxing. That's quite a hike for some people and taking a bus with food packages can be daunting while taxis are costly and could erase any savings realized on the food.


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          Re: GRISTEDE'S - REDUX

          the observer online just put out another article on the supermarkets and it isnt good news for gristedes- interesting though is that the least expensive stores are non union although i wonder why associated isnt mentioned. the one on 14th st has union employees


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            Re: GRISTEDE'S - REDUX

            Join us for a screening of clips from Carlos Saura’s documentary film Flamenco, Flamenco