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  • Whistles, whistles!

    Is anyone else about to loose their minds regarding the noisy protesters on our block?!

    The ongoing noise from protesters on the NE corner 22nd Street and 10th Avenue is out of control.. we can hear it all the way to 9th and 11th Aves.

    They are positioned in front of the former Empire Diner (which just looks like they are protesting the closing of the Diner... which is, unfortunately, too late for the diner.. I miss it!).. anyway the "scabs" are working on the construction job site a block away on the SW corner of 23rd and 10th Ave. The constant whistle blowing has completely interfered with my quality of life and my income. I can no longer work from home or get proper sleep. For over 6 weeks, Monday thru Friday, they begin at 7am whistling and encouraging truckers to honk their horns in support (although there is a "Don't Honk $250 fine" sign posted on SE corner of 23rd & 10th). The park on 22nd and 10th and hundreds of people are affected and held prisoner to these drunk and loitering men.

    I understand their First Amendment rights but don't we, as residents, have a right to a quality of life? Other than their blow up rat, there is no explanation of why they are standing behind police barracades a block away from the building construction site. Not one printed sign or flyer as to why they are making constant noise. The barracades that block an entire lane of 10th Avenue remain blocking traffic and parking spaces all night and thru the weekends. It's just so surprising how this handful of men have taken over our neighborhood.

    There have been numerous 311 complaints which calls out the 10th Precinct -sometimes an officer is assigned to the scene ...but apparently, there is nothing the police department can do to stop the horrible noise polution that goes "under the radar" of what the DEP can measure as the noise level (but can certainly be heard from several blocks away-not to mention under residents' windows).

    How would they like it if I went under their windows and blew whistles and honked truck horns?! ERr.