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western beef scanning problems

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  • western beef scanning problems

    This is the second time this week that I have had a scanning issue at western beef on 16th Street. A few days ago the cashier made a simple mistake scanning one item twice which I thankfully caught and got my money back right away. Today I returned getting some more items I knew are on sale. The item scanned for the wrong price which I noticed right away. The cashier said to me it was not her fault. She ought to know whats on sale though. I looked at the price as it was scanned and said to her I don't think thats the sale price and so then she went to the flyer and saw I was right of course and then she had to void it. It of course was the fault of someone in the store who didnt scan the sale price. I then asked the cashier maybe they ought to check all of it and she said something like they must of not scanned one and that the others should be ok. I am not so sure since that item was on the top shelf where I had to stand on a milk crate to get down myself. LOL-- I don't shop there that much but they sure make mistakes there

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    Re: western beef scanning problems

    Unfortunately, all scanners seem to make mistakes from time to time. I don't usually expect the cashiers to know all of the prices. I just keep a sharp eye on the price display. If I see a mistake I just smile and ask the cashier to correct it. IMHO it's one of those little things that is not worth stressing over.