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The "Ladies" of the Meatpacking District

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  • The "Ladies" of the Meatpacking District

    "Sure, we could show you hours of B-roll depicting Jersey girls staggering over the Meatpacking District's cobblestones on unfeasible heels. OK, maybe we'll show you a little bit of that. There's the doll who shouts, "I don't smoke, I'm famous!", and the chicks swarming the utterly superfluous and yet ever-present NYFD fire truck on 9th Avenue ("Crowd control," muttered one fireman when asked why they were there, his eyes following a bevy of passing short skirts). Perhaps most compelling is "Suzetta," the "58-year-old Vietnam veteran" cross-dresser, and her handler, Jimmy. Suzetta was denied entrance to various Meatpacking bars due to leaving her ID at home. Still, she was quite willing to borrow Jimmy's van and our various nubile interns, for purposes best left unexplored on a family website."