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Construction at 355 w. 30th is BACK!

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  • Construction at 355 w. 30th is BACK!

    Morning all....

    I started a post a while back when the construction crew at 355 had a NON STOP air compressor going for weeks at the curb. After your helpful suggestions, I did write to the housing company, and the next day the compressor was moved off the street, back into the actual construction site, which cut down on noise tremendously.

    I read somewhere that it's a law in NYC to have all loud machinery like that somehow muffled. Obviously, living beside the site, it certainly was helpful to us. With the windows shut to this gorgeous weather, and ear plugs, it was still possible to work at home.

    Now they're BACK with yet another pulsating, helicopter sounding thing in the street, and windows closed or not, the apartment's vibrating. It's unmanageable for doing anything in the apartment, and I have work due!! I'm really hoping this is not going to be a daily event. Maybe if I (and anyone else affected) brings this to the attention of the housing company, 311, etc, again, they'll remedy the problem....again.

    There was a story on This American Life last week about the sounds our appliances make (computers, heaters, etc.) and how the constant low hum affects our moods. I wonder what you could say about a constant BLARING rumble ten hours a day!

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    Re: Construction at 355 w. 30th is BACK!

    The NYC noise law changed recently as of July 2007 . Here's a link to the law and brochure for the new code.



    check out 24-219 Construction Noise Management. and 24-228. Other segments also may deal with your problem. Doing a search of this document using the term construction this may get you what you need.


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      Re: Construction at 355 w. 30th is BACK!

      When I called the Chelsea housing people, they said we got off luckily - they were originally going to blast the bedrock, but can't because of the tight spot their lots fit in on the block.
      Could you imagine?
      When i called i practically begged that they bump their start time as often as possible to after 8.30/9am at the minimum. The guy said he would try...