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Plans for west 30th

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    Re: Plans for west 30th

    "I prefer not to live in a glass terrarium, and it is my humble opinion that NYC is selling its architectural soul to 4 developers who will take the money and run."

    I agree, Vespa!


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      Re: Plans for west 30th

      Originally posted by Vespa View Post
      What would Rome be if they ripped out the Coliseum for condos?
      What is being demolished that is on par with the Coliseum -- in terms of architectual significance or cultural institutions or historical importance? What's getting knocked down? A converted cold-water six floor walkup flat from 1876?


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        Re: Plans for west 30th

        Uh, no.
        It's the Hotel Pennsylvania which covers the face of 7th ave b/n 32nd and 33rd. A McKim Mead and White hotel, that is one of the last of their series in the area. For those unawares, besides Frank Lloyd Wright and a handful of other folks, they are among the most significant teams in American architecture. Much of what they did in other cities stands.
        And things we would have had since before the 19th or 20th century have been ripped down already.
        Take a look at the old Penn Station, the closest thing to the Coliseum we may have had, and we've already lost, for the nasty Garden:

        I know some people may not care about these things, or all is well and good if we model our architecture after mall-centric small cities in the Midwest, but in the larger scale, it's a loss. I moved to NYC because it is NYC, not because it looks like Tampa.

        And here is some info about the Hotel Penn, from Wikipedia of all places:

        The Hotel Pennsylvania was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1919 and was operated by Ellsworth Statler. It was designed by the firm of McKim, Mead & White, which also designed the original columned version of Penn Station located across the street. (The old Pennsylvania Station was razed in 1963 to make room for the Garden and the redeveloped below-ground station in use today.)

        The hotel was acquired by the Hotels Statler Company in 1949 and renamed the New York Statler Hotel. Following the sale of all 17 Statler hotels to Conrad Hilton in 1954, the hotel became The Statler Hilton. It operated under this name until the early 1980s, when Hilton sold the hotel and it again became The New York Statler for a brief period, before joining the now-defunct Penta chain in 1984, becoming The New York Penta. Finally, in 1992, it reverted to the Hotel Pennsylvania.

        The hotel has the distinction of having the New York phone number in longest continuous use. The number, Pennsylvania 6-5000, is the inspiration for the Glenn Miller song of the same name. Many big band names played in the hotel's Cafe Rouge including the Dorsey Brothers, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.


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          Re: Plans for west 30th

          And furthermore, how bout the old Garden?


          AEG, I take it you are not from the East Coast.


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            Re: Plans for west 30th

            It's on...or closer to it. MTA sold their last cookie to Tishman for about 50 cents. Take a look. The greenery, looks very nice. The buildings, on the other hand, are about as uninspired as can be. Where on our little blue planet do they find these people?
            Anywho, here's the link.


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              Re: Plans for west 30th

              Vespa, I had a feeling you were going to write about this today! Thanks for posting the link. I hear there are far fewer low-income apartments in this development than the other ones they were looking at. Figures.


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                Re: Plans for west 30th

                It's also sad to see the cultural homoginazation
                of this city. The people who can afford these
                rents are all transplanted boring midwesterners
                working in hedge funds without an ounce of
                imagination or heart. That's what I see and
                it sickens me.
                Jo Sea Enterprises