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  • Fire on the block?

    Last night (Monday, 3/27), around 8pm we were leaving our apt on 30th when we saw no less than 6 fire trucks (horns a-blazin) coming onto our block. They blocked off traffic at 30th and 9th. We couldn't tell where they were headed or if there was indeed a fire. Does anyone know?

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    Re: Fire on the block?

    Brad, I have never seen fire trucks go anywhere where there was a fire that I could see! Wouldn't surprise me if it was nothing. I saw four or five trucks on our block a few weeks ago. Even saw firemen going in and out of a building near me. But no one reported any fire. I didn't see any fire or smell any smoke. So, who knows?


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      Re: Fire on the block?

      This occurence is so pervasive in Chelsea. Especially, in the NYCHA houses here. I am constantly hearing blaring sirens, seeing flashing lights and 4 or 5 trucks barreling down 9th Avenue turning on 25th St. and then on 26th St. I tell you what, most of the time, it's some thug setting off a smoke alarm and/or someone who calls the fire dep't. for an erroneous reason.

      In all the years and I mean I and many of my family members who have been in this nabe for well over 40 years, have been awakened at all hours of the night by fire trucks. I only have seen 2 fires actually occur in many, many years. One, was on a rooftop in one of the project buildings. That was 2 years ago, and last summer (I think it was summer), another rooftop fire on 24th Street.

      I know kids and whomever think the FDNY is there for "everything," but, it's really sad and pathetic for someone to call them for nothing more than either a prank or a non-FDNY related issue. While these incredibly valuable heroes are answering these erroneous calls, someone could really use their help when a real emergency arises.

      Pet Peeve. You think?