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Leaning Building on 29th/8th

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    Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

    Denial Jonathon that's all. It probably was or is a "wonderful building." But that doesn't mean that something "wonderful" is exempt from its share of problems. I'm sure he or she is just upset at the prospect of having to relocate. Let's face it: NYC is an expensive place to live to begin with. Having to move when you've got a cushy deal is definitely another.

    I just hope disaster DOESN'T strike before something is done. You know, I wonder if we should call 311 or something and mention it or perhaps the DOB.

    Jonathon, I don't suppose you have the address of the property?


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      Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

      I've already e-mailed Speaker Quinn about this. I'll let you know if there's a response.


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        Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

        Very cool SNAP. Thanks...



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          Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

          Passed the building today. WOW!! Is anyone still living in there? I hope not


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            Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th


            Just got a phone message from Speaker Quinn's office. They "are aware of" and "concerned" about the building. HPD and Buiildings are also aware of it and "permits have been issued for the landlord" to do work. They said they had seen it and that "no building should be leaning like that."

            I'd say to keep an eye on it and, if you don't notice anything being done in a reasonable (ie, short) time, keep everybody aware. I'd also think twice about walking on that side of the street at any time.

            Hope everyone's day is going well.


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              Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

              Thanks for the update SNAP. If anyone has a car you should definitely think twice about parking in that lot next to it. Looks like that's where it's going to land when it falls!

              I'm really surprised they're allowing people to continue living there. It has been that way for quite awhile now and as far as I can see, as they take their time going through the bureaucratic permit issuing process, those people are in danger.


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                Re: Leaning Building on 29th

                By the way, that building has been leaning for years. How everyone is just discovering this is beyond me. It seems to me that this being the case someone (a tenant or the landlord) had someone come to check out the situation by now (hopefully). So it must have been deemed stucturally sound by the the Buildings Dept so as to allow people to live there all this time.
                Again assuming they know. I personally would have been long gone.


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                  Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                  Hey again, new on here but I am indeed a resident of the aforementioned leaner. Yes, it's pretty severe but charasmatic and on the road to recovery. In actuality, the building is not only leaning but turning as well, so you can note that the most northwest corner is hanging over the worst.

                  Everyone in the building is aware of the issue, but "getting out" is easier said than done, especially when we've all been living here for quite some time and have grown to walk on a slant... kidding.

                  As I said in my other post, we have been asked by the landlord to relocate indefinately (he estimated a month which seems to be a very light estimate) starting January 8th. They will be removing the northernmost exterior wall completely, putting up steel beams both horizontally and vertically, and then rebuilding around it. They also plan on redoing the complete exterior and roof.

                  Anyway it's great to see people are concerned about the community and that us residents weren't the only only ones noticing the lean!

                  Happy New Year!


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                    Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

           got a mention in Sunday's Times (12/31/06), regarding.... what else? The Leaning Building of Chelsea:

                    A Row House Sits Atilt, and Neighbors Are Aflutter

                    By ALEX MINDLIN
                    Published: December 31, 2006

                    The four-story brick row house at Eighth Avenue and 29th Street, the one that leans sideways like a cartoon drunk, was once supported by a steady neighbor. But by the time George Melis bought the building in 1974, he said, its neighbor had been razed and the solitary building was already starting to lean into the lot next door.

                    “It’s been like this for 30 years,” Mr. Melis said as he fumbled with the building’s keys on Wednesday morning. For him, that fact is a good sign. “How can it collapse?” he asked. He is joined in his optimism by various engineers.

                    But some people who live near the building, at 382 Eighth Avenue, are not so sure, and for years they have watched the structure, which has tenants living in its six apartments, with a mixture of wonder and dread. These days, the building leans 8 to 10 inches uptown, according to the Department of Buildings.

                    “I really won’t walk on that side of the street now,” said Starr Miller, a design student who lives around the corner. “I think it’s one of those New York dangers. It’s going to fall, and in this case we have a bit of a warning, so it would be wise to heed the warning.”

                    The building, which is sometimes photographed by tourists, has sparked dozens of postings in the past two months on the bulletin board In the last 18 months, the city’s Department of Buildings has issued several notices of violation to Mr. Melis for the problem, and he was directed to appear on Thursday before the city’s Environmental Control Board and provide an engineering report attesting to the building’s stability.

                    The flurry of interest in the building coincides with an accident in Harlem on Tuesday, when a construction worker was killed and two others were injured by a collapsing roof.

                    But the city says the building in Chelsea poses no immediate danger to its inhabitants or passers-by. “If the department felt that the building posed a serious threat to public safety, we would have taken corrective action in the form of ordering demolition or vacating the building,” said Jennifer Givner, a spokeswoman for the department.

                    Moreover, Mr. Melis’s contractors recently began work on a city-approved $600,000 project to install a steel framework of beams behind the walls. “We’re basically straightening and strengthening it, so there won’t be a problem in the future,” said Spencer Goroff, the supervising engineer. “It quite honestly looks a lot worse than it is.” He and Mr. Melis added that they had not been dilatory in fixing the leaning problem, saying it had just taken time to draw up a corrective plan and get city approval for it.

                    Despite the progress, Wilfredo Santos, a building superintendent who works across the street, gave the row house a wary glance the other evening as he chatted with a friend on the corner. “It’s bending, it’s bending,” he said, with the finality of one stating a syllogism. “It’s going to fall.”


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                      Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                      I love this site! How cool is it that LeaningTowerOn29th lives in the building we're talking about and posted a message here with even more information about it! And LeaningTower, thanks for your info. Your posting here gives some very interesting information not mentioned in the Times article - like how they're going to fix the northern wall and that you guys have to move out. Also, I think it's a little dishonest that they say it's not as bad as it looks, but then they're asking everyone to move out so they can do some pretty serious construction work on it. If it's not as bad as it looks, why are they going to all that effort?

                      It must be pretty wild to see your building all over the news! So, what's it like living in there? The floors must be slanted too. Seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable.

                      Thanks for your post!


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                        Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                        It is funny actually, because the lean has been a joke to us all for years. We are actually more excited to have the roof fixed...

                        The floors are slanted, but it's not really that noticeable. I've lived in other crooked apartments in this city as well, but this one is the worst, but still not that bad. The team is going to all this effort to reinforce the wall because the landlord wants to preserve the building so his children can own them after him. He owns quite a few buildings around the area so it makes sense. Not to mention now we're in the news, so it seems like a good idea.

                        Giving you a little more detail, the reason we all need to move out is because the entire interior/exterior of the northern wall will be replaced and secured, as well as the staircase, which is all connected to that northern wall. I think they are all really taking into account the safety of everyone having their apartments exposed to the harsh reality of 8th avenue and the dirty thirties...

                        Outside of these wild, newsworthy events, it's a great apartment building. All of the residents are friendly with one another, and we have very much space and a relaxing, cordial relationship with our landlord. The lighting is amazing and the windows in our 2 bedroom apartment - 6 windows!!! - are aplenty.

                        I actually looked at an available apartment across the street a few weeks ago for rent. A 2BR and the ceiling was much much more drastically leaning than ours. Must be the fact that the trains shake our streets nonstop.

                        Anyway, I'm glad to be out this weekend while they do all the construction. I can't wait to move back and have everything be safe, secure and sound. No worries, in the meantime I will have nice accomodations while I pass my home on 261 each day to work!


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                          Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                          That's really interesting LeaningTower. And I love getting this information from a real insider! (How often do we get to read an article like this in the paper and then days later get to talk to the people involved)?

                          I'm curious how long you've lived there. I lived in a place once with a floor that was just slightly slanted and it drove me crazy! You must feel crooked when you go into an apartment with flat floors!

                          I have to say it's funny how everyone seems to be minimizing what's happening there. The city engineer said it looked worse than it was. And everyone involved seems to be saying the building is perfectly safe. Your landlord says he wants to fix it for the sake of his children! But come on! That's a really serious lean. Buildings weren't designed to look like they're about to tumple over!

                          I laugh that we live in a society where the obvious gets completely overlooked and the words of a so-called expert are trusted over what is plainly obvious to anyone with a lick of sense! Any normal person would look at that and see that it's very dangerous. But an expert, the city engineer says it's not so bad! Gotta love that!

                          I'm sure they wouldn't be going to all this expense and effort if they didn't think it was really serious. Persoanlly, I'm really glad they got you guys out of there for awhile because it's definitely not safe. I know it must be a pain to have to move out then back in, but it's really for your own safety. I don't care what the city engineer says - that lean is every bit as bad as it looks!


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                            Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                            I wanted to see this, so I walked my dogs the other day to go and see this, as I usually have no reason to go north of my block on 26th Street. I was horrified.

                            I don't know who would live there, let alone walk by on the street. That thing looks terribly precarious! Not to mention anyone who parks their car in the neighboring parking lot: Unless you're looking to have your car totaled and then collect on the insurance, there's no reason to ever park there.

                            I'm shocked that the city is allowing this. I know they were issues a citation back in August 2006, but c'mon. This is seriously an issue of public safety.


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                              Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                              Bloomberg annouced yesterday that soon you will be able to send digital images to 311 and 911....I immedietly thought of the leaning building as an example of what could be sent in since you have to see it to realize the urgency.


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                                Re: Leaning Building on 29th/8th

                                I passed by yesterday and noticed that additional scaffolding was being erected in the parking lot on the north side of the building. That's not a place I'd really go out of my way to stand on open scaffolding a few floors above street level with a leaning building in front of me.