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Gas/chemical spill on 30th street?

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  • Gas/chemical spill on 30th street?

    Does anyone know what happened this afternoon on 30th street?

    I had to take my dog to the vet after a walk today because he was sneezing and drooling nonstop...they thought he'd inhaled amonia or bleach (he's okay!)

    Then when we got home, the street was blocked off by fire trucks, with firemen dumping sand all over the street... I thought maybe to sop up some kind of spill? After they covered the pavement in sand, they left.

    Maybe I'm just connecting the two events in my head, but...hmm. Wondered what happened there. Did anyone happen to talk to one of the firemen, or put in the call for them to come?

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    Re: Gas/chemical spill on 30th street?

    Glad your dog's ok circusgirl.

    I just checked with the NYFD and they said it was a gasoline spill. They guessed that the gas had spilled from a truck or other large vehicle. Not sure how that could happen, but that's what they said.


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      Re: Gas/chemical spill on 30th street?


      And thanks for checking on what happened.