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West Side Development Plans in Jeopardy?

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  • West Side Development Plans in Jeopardy?

    Curious if anyone saw this in the NYT on April 14th:
    Because of the economic downturn, logistical problems and, critics say, design flaws, the expansion of the Javits Center has died, the plan to rebuild Penn Station and the area around it is in jeopardy and there are deep questions about financing, public and private, to extend the subway or build over the railyards. ...But many urban planners, architects, community leaders and developers say the downturn may have a silver lining, providing an opportunity for the city to rethink and reconfigure sweeping proposals many of them had doubts about all along.
    I have said for ages that Penn Station is never going to move across the street to the post office, but it looked like it was about to happen. Has anyone heard anymore about this? Vespa?? Are you out there monitoring this for us!?

    Link to article

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    Re: West Side Development Plans in Jeopardy?

    Yup. It's over. For now...
    The Times says...

    Deal to Build at Railyards on West Side Collapses


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      Re: West Side Development Plans in Jeopardy?

      And thank Goddess for that!
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