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  • Marlo of 7-11

    A friend of mine emailed me an article from Our Town, and said that a woman mentioned in it must be Marlo, the homeless woman who used to live in front of the 7/11 on 25th st...,

    Here is the passage...

    For years an elderly lady “lived” across 25th street on a sidewalk in Chelsea. She was surrounded by her belongings covered by a tarp at the foot of a new luxury condo building. A few days each week I handed her some money, to which she always said, “Thank you very much.” When Thanksgiving Day came I reached over to give her some money to which she said, “No, today it’s my turn. Happy Thanksgiving.” She gave me a gift-wrapped new black wallet. I said, “It’s my turn to say thank you very much.”

    BTW several months ago I ran into Marlo a couple of times at Mc Donald's she is fine and now living in the Bronx.

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    I think her name was Mary.

    She used to keep cats in a carry case under that tarp. In the freezing cold or hottest day of the summer, a cat would be kept 24 hours a day in a carry case. One got away in the winter; I saw it going west on 25th Street and never again. The woman claimed that another cat was stolen and that she found it's dead body. I don't know if that's true, but I have no reason to doubt it because she had a cat one day that she hid under the tarp, then she didn't have it.

    I know one person who called the ASPCA besides me, and I doubt we were the only people who did. The ASPCA asked me a series of questions and didn't think it qualified as cruelty. (Plus they had bigger cases than a single cat trapped in a carry case.)

    I hope she doesn't get another cat.