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Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

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  • Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

    Hello All,

    This a great forum and I am happy to be here. I hope I am not putting this question in the wrong place.

    I am in the process of getting my balcony enclosed with plexi-glass. I wish I could get it done with the window enclosures but I just cannot afford it.

    I was wondering if anyone had theirs done with plexi-glass if so what do you think about it.

    Years ago when I went on the waiting list for a balcony apartment I never saw young children in my future but with a toddler and a 6 month old, having a balcony on the 9th floor is downright scary.

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    Re: Balcony

    Hi Crazy! We're glad to have you here. And yes, I think you've asked your question in the perfect place, since it's where all your fellow Penn Southers - supposedly with balcony experience will see it. Good idea to get that thing enclosed with all your kids.


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      Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for fixing my question.

      The way you said, "all your kids" scare me, I only have two. I guess you are right in a way, my toddler alone is 5 kids in one


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        Point well taken... but to me with 0 kids - "2" sounds like "all your"!


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          Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony


          We live on the 10th floor and had our balcony enclosed two years ago. We went for uPVC frames and screens. It's great as it keeps the bugs out and the cats in while allowing free movement of air. We used the COOP recommended company, Corkhill to do the job. They turned up with various options. If we want we can even have the screens unscrewed from the frames and fit plexiglass or solid panels depending on our needs in the future. We finished the job with a bit of astroturf under our feet and it's almost our own arboritum. The installation was hastle free and took an afternoon, the job was finished satisfactorily. Having said all that a friend in another apartment found his own guy to do the job and was charged significantly less then we were. Yet another neighbour enclosed their balcony themselves over the weekend using wood, wiremesh and a steely determination.

          Good luck on the selection.

          P.S. How do you feel having a 6 mo old with more hair than you do?


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            Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

            Hi Mr. Mayor,

            Thank you for your response but I was hoping that you could help just a little more. The company that I am talking too quoted me the following prices:

            1. $1800 for plexi-glass, No frills like screen, etc. They called me the next day and told me that they could do it for me for $1275.

            2. $4800 for single pane window enclosures.

            3. $7000 for climate controlled windows which consist of double panes.
            They informed me that they could do the climate controlled enclosure for $6500.

            All the above prices do not include tax. I was told that if I paid in cash they would not charge me tax.

            What do you think of those prices? I was hoping to get the climate controlled option so that I could still use it has an office in the winter time, but with a price tag like that I am going to pass.

            Were your prices better and if so can you pass the number to me?

            I would also be interested in knowing who your neighbor used, do you think he would give you their number.

            Your last statement was very interesting because I am good at building things and have been thinking of building something myself but I figure the co-op board would have a stroke and I am sure one of the dectectives in the building would tell on me.

            To answer your last question. I started losing my hair in my early 20's and have already cried all my tears.


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              Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

              HI CCT,

              Sorry it's taken me a long time to get back to you but I was distracted and short on time.

              Actually the price you have been quoted seems pretty good to me. The cost for our enclosure was $1700 with screens only, no glass / plexiglass of any kind so $1275 is very reasonable. That's around the same price my friend paid. As for the neighbour who erected his own enclosure. He spoke with his neighbours first and explained that he would be doing it and gave them an idea of how long the noise would last. Therefore the COOP got no complaints and as far as I'm aware they haven't said anything to him about doing it himself.

              Now having said all that. I know that the Coop has certain laws to comply with city regs when there are kids in the apartment, like the need for child guards on the windows and they may have requirements with regards to enclosing the terrace also. You might want to research that before embarking on construction just to make sure they cannot come back at you and tell you to pull it down for whatever reason.


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                Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

                Mr. Mayor,

                Thank you for your answer, and your suggestion.



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                  Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

                  I thought the board had outlawed balcony enclosures recently. Please tell me I am wrong.


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                    Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

                    be careful=this guy is posting about a lot of old posts-brining them up to the top- so things can change-look at the most recent posting actually old posting that this new guy i guess has commented on


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                      Re: Need Advice on Enclosing Balcony

                      Crazy Crane,

                      What company was it that quoted you those prices? I am interested in enclosing my balcony?