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Gena Feist - Independent candidate for re-election

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  • Gena Feist - Independent candidate for re-election

    This is from Independent Candidate Gena Feist, who wanted to share her bio information and endorsements.

    Re-Elect Gena Feist
    2014 Candidate for the Penn South Board of DirectorsServing as a Board member is about representing YOU - the shareholder.

    If re-elected I will continue to fight for you, affordability, and financial stability.

    I am running for re-election to the Board as an independent candidate. Over the years, I have been invited to run with many groups including the ACC. I am continuing to run independent to avoid a disappointing aspect of our Co-op: highly political, highly negative campaigns for the Board. I don’t play political games on the Board - I just work hard and try my best to protect our Cooperative through (1) shareholder access to information, (2) obtaining professional advice, (3) increasing revenues, (4) preventing waste, (5) finding “outside the box” solutions for difficult problems, and (6) a healthy dose of common sense.

    I strongly support limited equity and keeping our development a model for moderate income cooperative living. A few years ago I organized a tour of Penn South for Open House NY. Visitors were amazed that a limited equity cooperative has survived the runaway high-end development that has occurred over the last 20 years and has made New York City unaffordable for anyone but the superrich. I am proud that we have remained limited equity and allowed new residents to benefit from our cooperative in the same way our families have.

    I am a lawyer and former NYS legislative aid with extensive business and government experience. As illustrated by the endorsements I have received from other Board members, I am a trusted and productive member of the Board. I have co-chaired many committees, including Elections, By-laws, Apartment Allocations and am currently chairing Electronic Communi-cations. I consistently propose and support shareholder participation before a decision is made.

    Most importantly, I represent all members of our Co-op – young, old, new, and long term residents. Shareholders are the owners of Penn South (not renters!) and if you re-elect me, I will continue to fight for your participation, our financial security, limited equity, and an affordable Penn South.

    Have questions? Ask me in person on Wednesday October 15 in the 2B community room. Fellow independent candidate Rocco Ottomanelli and I will be there to answer your questions from 6pm to 8pm.

    Morris Benjamin (Board President): Gena Feist is an asset to our Board and has made significant contributions to our Co-op. Gena supports limited equity and keeping our co-op affordable. She is intelligent, hardworking, and has extensive business experience. Gena quickly understands complex issues and offers creative solutions. I endorse Gena Feist and hope she is re-elected to the Board.

    Tracy Riposo-Cook (Board Member): As an active member of our community, I see firsthand what our residents need. As a Board member, I see what the Board needs. And our community and our Board need Gena Feist. She is the best board member we could have: she has brains, compassion, and the conviction to stand up for what she believes in. When there is disagreement between Board members on key issues Gena uses her legal skills to consider problems and suggest thoughtful solutions. Gena listens to Co-operators, takes their concerns seriously, and speaks for them at the Board meetings even when others dismiss their concerns. As a Board Member and a Co-operator,
    I hope she is re-elected. Vote for Gena Feist!

    Sarah Kahn (Board Member): I have served on the Board of Directors with Gena Feist for the last three years. Gena is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and thoughtful board members we have. She is always willing to spend the time and put forward the effort to tackle any issue that we are faced with. She is able to quickly process information and then clearly present possible solutions. I feel fortunate that she is on the Board of Directors of Penn South and wholeheartedly believe that Gena Feist deserves your vote.

    Ambur Nicosia (Board Member): With her many years of experience as a member of the Board of Directors, Gena Feist brings invaluable experience, insight and continuity to the issues that come before us. She consistently asks thoughtful, intelligent questions and has proven herself to be an active and dedicated participant. Gena is a strong, independent voice on the Board and her conviction and passion make her a powerful advocate for all cooperators. Like myself, Gena grew up in Penn South and continues to have multiple generations of her family live here. Gena Feist is committed to keeping Penn South a beautiful, active and affordable community.

    Fran Kaufman (Board Member): I have served on the Board for 10 years and Gena Feist is an invaluable Board member. Gena is an attorney and her ability to understand, evaluate and determine the viability of the most complex proposals is invaluable. She is able to use her legal skills to assess a challenge and create a plan of action. She has been instrumental in making sure that our contiguous commercial leases expire in a manageable time frame and is an ardent supporter of Penn South remaining limited equity. I don't know of any board member who works harder than Gena Feist to protect the shareholders of Penn South; and as a cooperator, board member and friend, I endorse her candidacy for the Board of Directors.

    Becky Killy (Board Member): Gena Feist is a strong, positive voice on Penn South's Board of Directors, unafraid to broach any discussion. She is sensible, smart and has the cooperator's best interest at heart. I support Gena's candidacy for another term on the board and strongly urge everyone to vote for her in this election.