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Statue of Liberty to get a well-deserved vacation

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  • Statue of Liberty to get a well-deserved vacation

    After over a hundred years of constantly being on the job, effective April 16 the Statue of Liberty will be going on a well needed vacation and when she returns will start taking evenings and weekends off. According to a spokesman for the National Department of Parks "we've known for years that the Statue of Liberty has been long overdue for a vacation. The problem has been that we weren't able to find anybody we felt suitable to be able to cover for her during those times. Recently however the chairman of our vacation search committee was passing by the corner of 8th Ave and 25th St in Chelsea and happened upon Pierre-Alix Piatrd playing the role of the Statue of Liberty. Our chairman was awestruck by the performance and immediately offered the position of substitute Statue of Liberty to Pierre-Alix.

    In accepting the position Pierre-Alix said 'I feel wonderful about being able to accept this honor as the substitute Statue of Liberty. I have known the Statue of Liberty for many years and have often felt bad that she was not able to take a vacation or have evenings and weekends off. It is my honor to accept this position to be her substitute. I am currently contractually obligated to be the Statue of Liberty for the Liberty Tax Service of Chelsea until April 15, 2011, however after that date I will be available and will be starting my new position as America's substitute Statue of Liberty.

    In talking to Americas original Statue of Liberty, Liberty said she's thrilled that Pierre-Alix has been offered this position and quite frankly after standing for over 120 years in the same spot felt damned well it's about time that she was given some time off.

    For further information contact

    National Department of Parks
    202 -- 555 -- 1347

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    Re: Statue of Liberty to get a well-deserved vacation

    South Paw, I don't know how you were able to navigate to this page. I was having a lot of trouble connecting. Don't know whether it's the link that I have that's not working properly or whether the site has been revamped and others are having trouble finding it. I found it doing a google search. I don't know whether Jonathan knows there's a problem. Any ideas?


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      Re: Statue of Liberty to get a well-deserved vacation

      exactly the same with me.