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Allerton hotel renovation / Community meeting

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  • Allerton hotel renovation / Community meeting

    Annual Community Meeting ~ all Chelsea residents are invited

    Nov 8 Thursday 7:00 PM at 315 West 22nd Street
    St. Paul?s German Lutheran church

    Meeting will begin at 7 ~ come early for conversation and refreshments.
    Meet Manhattan Boro-President Scott Stringer, Tenth Police Precinct representatives & See the designs for the renovation of the Allerton Hotel and updates:
    The High Line and Hudson River Park and the new bike lanes

    City Council Speaker Chris Quinn will stop in to say hello.

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    Re: Allerton hotel renovation / Community meeting

    Do we know if they have plans for the roofs of the Alerton? A longe or terrace? Could be noisy.


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      Re: Allerton hotel renovation / Community meeting

      This meeting was one of the less informative in recent years. A number of guests no showed.The Police Department, Tom Duane.
      The Highline has very little change in their presentation and still no opening date. It was suppose to be this month.
      The Chelsea Park didn't have a presentation and nothing new discussed.
      The Gem Hotel did a PR relationship communitity program but important questions, when are they opening (I heard next week), room rates, not discussed.
      Not being able to ask questions during the meeting except writing them on a piece of paper is ridiculous. Each Speaker should be allowed 10 minutes of questions and reduce the number of repeat speakers.