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  • Contractors

    In this renovation-happy climate, I frequently see contractors jockeying for parking spaces on West 22nd. Today at about 4, a local delivery guy and a contractor got into it over a spot in front of 316. The contractor made an aggressive move and took the spot, but seriously damaged a VW Passat in the process. In trying to separate his van from the parked car, he gouged the front quarter panel, and punctured the driver's side front tire.

    As it happens, a meter maid was writing a ticket across the street, and when witnesses appealed to her to write a report, she replied that it wasn't her job to do so (!). The whole crew at 323 came out to have a laugh at the proceedings. Must be part of the reason that renovation job seems interminable...

    I think the van driver left his info for the owner of the Passat. If said owner needs an eyewitness account, feel free to contact me.

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    Re: Contractors

    You're kidding! That's nuts! I'm glad to hear the van driver left a note though. That's really outrageous that the meter maid couldn't be bothered to lift a finger. They do work for the police dept right? Couldn't she at least have the authority to get the information from the van driver and then call in a *real* cop and give it to him? This city's really out of control.