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Zutto Village, Greenwich Avenue

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  • Zutto Village, Greenwich Avenue

    This is just a shot in the dark here -- my favorite Japanese restaurant used to be Zutto's on Greenwich Avenue. They lost their lease a few months ago. I tried their other location in Soho, just not the same. Does anyone know where the chef from Zutto on Greenwich went? What I specifically want is tuna tataka with citrus ponzo sauce. I tried a dish of that name in Monster sushi, and it didn't approach the delicate flavor of Zutto. I literally crave that food. If you don't know where the chef from Zutto went, do you have a favorite Japanese restaurant?

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    Re: Zutto Village, Greenwich Avenue

    Rose - I have no idea the answer to your question but it will be interesting to see if anyone here will know. I'm always amazed by this site at how often someone seems to have answers to questions like this! Good luck!