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  • Radio Interference

    Has anyone else been getting "radio interference" starting around Dec. 20, 2010?

    329 W21 #RB has put up an antenna of some sort on his roof and it's seems that every day I'm getting signal interference on my stereo, even when listening to podcasts put through the stereo. Clearly there's a strong signal being picked up by the antenna and or wires on my unit.

    I'll look into shielding my cables but I'm wondering if anyone else around/near 329 is picking up the unwanted signal.

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    Re: Radio Interference

    Wow, that must be annoying. Is there any discernible pattern to the interference or is it just random static? Shielding your antenna would be a problem because you want it to pick up radio signals - I guess you were talking about your audio cables to your iPod. If the interference is so bad that you're getting it in those cables, I would say someone is violating some FCC regulations. Are those wires away from any equipment other than your AV stuff? Things like motors, high wattage stuff would interfere, and even something near a TV, LCD or Plasma screen could pick up interference... Curious to know what you find.
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      Re: Radio Interference

      At about 3:00 pm most days theres a garbled voice in a one way conversation. Like a ham radio or such.
      The kitchen stereo antenna has bad station separation anyway so it's probably more the specs on my stereo. My living room system doesn't have this problem.

      Thanks for your input