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    Hi there neighbors!
    Just had my bike stolen from in front of the school on 21st. on Wed. 7/14.
    My downstairs neighbor gave it to me two days ago and I had it locked on the inside of our front banister, above the garbage cans, with a cable lock. Thought I had enough time to get a heavy chain (should'a known better). It was a cheap foreign made mountain bike.
    Didn't even have it long enough to remember what it looked like.

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    Re: Stolen Bikes

    I hope that you reported the theft to the 10th Precinct.


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      Re: Stolen Bikes

      what kind of bike? Color?
      Just located my bike stolen around that time.....


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        Re: Stolen Bikes

        It's a good idea to register bikes at the precinct. It may or may not make the bike less attractive to thieves, but if it is stolen and later recovered this at least increases the odds of the thief being bagged for larceny. Same holds true for other valuables like laptops, jewelry, cell phones TVs and so forth.


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          Re: Stolen Bikes---found

          Shocking....Y'all will never believe it. I found my stolen bike in this neighborhood. there were other bikes chained to it. If anyone can tell me what their stolen bike lkd like and brand possibly, i can see if it's one of the others by mine.


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            Re: Stolen Bikes

            Thanks vespa!

            Geez, if I remember correctly:
            * it had a red frame with bold white lettering

            * the most unique feature was that the down tube extended past the head (handlebar) tube by about an inch.
            Don't see too many bikes with that.

            * it's a heavy mountain bike style machine. That's partly why I left it hooked-up outside. too heavy to carry up four flights.

            * usual mountain bike tires, not too worn.