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Smoking (19th Str./7th Ave.)

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  • Smoking (19th Str./7th Ave.)

    Since the no smoking indoors law came about, more people are outside lighting up and in one spot particularly it is really annoying. When you exit the train station southbound on the 1 line at 18th St. (but take the 19th street exit), people are all puffing away outside that bar on the corner and the fumes go through the stairwell like a chimney chute. It's really kinda gross and rude.

    Does anybody know of any committees in the area that focus on this topic?


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    Re: Smoking (19th Str./7th Ave.)

    Hi Vidis,

    Come on... Are you really serious. Just where are smokers supposed to go these days? As an ex smoker I do feel for those still addicted, especially in the Winter when you see them huddled in doorways getting their fix. If it is such a problem why not use the other exit? A little give and take. To me the odd puff of smoke is no where near as annoying as those who douse themselves in perfume and scent everyday. Especially when they don't bother to bathe and think a little spray will mask the BO. What the heck is wrong with soap and water these days. As someone who rides the subway to and from work nearly every day I'd also like to say that more so then the women, it's the guys these days that reek of cologne!

    Having said all that I guess I'd probably be annoyed if I had to walk through a cloud of smoke every day, but for different reasons. Ummmm I can almost taste that tobacco goodness. (Cough couch, It's my one pleasure)


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      Re: Smoking (19th Str./7th Ave.)

      Well, I have sympathies for both sides. I used to smoke - quit about 2 years ago (although I'm craving one right now for some reason)! But I've always hated the way they smelled - even when I smoked I hated the smell.

      I was working down near the Seaport when the first indoor smoking ban went into effect. It was a beautiful spring day and I walked over to the seaport for lunch. Since we could no longer smoke inside, I ordered it to go - and went over and sat on some steps by the river to eat & smoke!

      A thousand people were there also because it was such a beautiful day. These two guys behind me who were also eating asked if I would mind putting out the cigarette! I was so incensed! (literally). I turned around and told them that I would have been more than happy to have smoked inside the restaurant but that's not allowed anymore. I explained that because of the ban I now had nowhere else to go. I suggested if they wanted to eat without smoke that they head back inside where they'd find a perfect smoke-free environment!

      SMOKERS REVENGE! It was all fun and games until spring came and non-smokers had to stay inside to avoid the smoke!

      I mean I didn't really want to mess up somebody's meal with my smoke - but where else was I supposed to go to do it? It was and is still a legal activity - so until they make it illegal - you gotta expect they're gonna do it somewhere!

      I will say every now and then I walk past a pack of outdoor smokers and feel pretty disgusted - with the smell of it. But the great thing about being outside is that you can just keep walking and you're away from it in just a matter of seconds.


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        Re: Smoking (19th Str./7th Ave.)

        Drinking is legal, and I don't think anybody is too pleased when people puke on each other. It's the same feeling I get when a cloud of nicotine is imposed on my face.