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  • Maritime noise

    Is anyone bothered by the noise generated by honking cabs and screaming sex-and-the-city wanna-bes on the weekends as much as I am?

    I have already been to a city councel meeting about the Maritime a year and a half ago, after which they changed their entrance from 17th to 16th Street (big improvement), but how can we get a "no honking" sign on our block?

    I've been calling 311 more than Chinese delivery in the last two years and they say that one of those signs doesn't do very much - still nothing has been done about the cabs and their honking domino efffect. Sleep on 17th seems to be impossible on the weekends before 3am and now that it's getting warmer and people randier...what to do?

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    Re: Maritime noise

    I'm bothered by it. Just curious what happened when you went to the city council meeting? What went on there?


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      Re: Maritime noise

      The meeting took place in a small room on the 30th(?) floor in a building on 42nd Street, right near Port Authority. Lots of topics were discussed that had nothing to do with our block, but here were about 5-7 people from 17th Street, plus the managing director from the Maritime, and when the time came to talk about the Maritime disturbance, everyone in the room tried to make their point very quickly, some of them very heated (and rightly so). A decision was made to move the entrance from 17th to 16th within minutes and everyone left. The reason I even knew about this meeting was that a resident from 17th Street had posted a flyer on the block to encourage people to go to this meeting; note to self: grass-roots DOES work.
      I also encourage people to keep calling 311 and make a complain with the city, at the time they are bothered by the noise. The more complaints there are for this particular area, the better. Changing of traffic light patterns can also help with the back up of cabs on this block. I hope this site will help to keep each other informed.
      What else can we do here?