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3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

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  • 3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

    I hate those high schools on my corner!

    Three Teens Stabbed after Argument with Classmates in Chelsea

    NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Three teenagers have been stabbed following an argument with three other classmates.
    It happened on the corner of West 17th Street and 8th Avenue in Chelsea.
    One of the stabbing victims is in serious condition at St. Vincent's Hospital, authorities said. Another victim was also taken to St. Vincent's, and a third to St. Claire's.

    Their injuries are not considered life threatening.

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    Re: 3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

    Hi Vidis:

    Curious: Are you on the east side of 8th or between 8th & 9th? The reason I ask, is that when I went to I.S. 70 which, is between 8th & 9th, a chosen few of the so-called "weaker, more nerdy" kids were constantly being harassed by the older kids who attended the HS on 18th Street, then called Charles Evans Hughes. It earned the less than "PC" nickname of "Ghetto High." (I hated that nickname; so insulting!) Anyway, your post, reminded me of those days.

    That said, it's really daunting, how the only way some of our kids today feel that there is only one recourse for settling a dispute: with weapons. To me, it is frightening and hard to tackle. Nonetheless, I know that so many parents and community leaders are aware of this pervasive problem in our communities and are (I would hope and believe), trying to address this problem. Unfortunately, sometimes this "thing" can easilly fall through the cracks because it is so pervasive now.

    When I was coming up in this nabe, I remember lots of gang fights (some of which I am not proud to say), I was a part of (girl gangs were all the rage back then), but I don't remember brandishing weapons or that being our first line of defense in a dispute. I do remember lots of vaseline for our faces, walking up a block in a group with scowls on our faces and acting like we were invincible which of course, I can tell you we were not. Nowadays, it's all about guns, knives and what-have-you to settle an argument. It is truly a damn shame that any of this goes on at all. Kind of disheartening that so much but nothing at all has changed. (If you know what I mean.)



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      Re: 3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

      Wow CC, Great story! Can't believe you were in a girl gang, that's pretty tough and hawt! However, you're absolutely right, the violence these days has taken on a new level with crazier weapons and it's scary. Often I would love to strangle some nabes of mine, but I would never, nonetheless imagine being able to impale someone -- gross!!!
      It's really too bad out there.
      There were loads of cops yesterday checking bags and taken phones (which is ridiculous, the worst thing that ever happened to me with a mobile phone was having a bad connection...) but, at least they were around (even though the cops were fat and nasty and looked more like hoodlums than the students).
      The schools I am talking about are the two closer to 9th Ave, on 18th and 19th Streets.


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        Re: 3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

        I also used to work in a biker bar as a bartender. What an illustrious (former) life I've had. But, I digress. No...I don't actually; because, at least I've lived an interesting life thus far and learned so much from my past that I'm essentially proud of actually making it this far (so far that is. He, he. ; >)

        But as I suspected, the school eluded to in the 1010 WINS story is probably the former Chas. Evans Hughes. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. (Unfortunately.)

        Anyway, I'm happy to report that I have lived and learned like I said, and am a (relatively) and most proudly stable individual with a fabulous life and great, talented and amazing people in it. So...what's not to like?

        I do hope that you are safe as well Vidis. Your picture shows a really sweet and lovely person. (I'm pretty good at seeing the "nice" in people.) Just keep your wits about you living on that block. I realize that the aesthetics of that block have changed since back in the day -- at an eye's first sight, but, that block can be kinda hairy at times; even with the brownstones being renovated and the old CYO gone (way before your time I'm sure), and the former Maritime building turning into whatever with that chi, chi, high end restaurant and the theatre/cabaret on the 16th Street side. Just be safe okay?

        H's & K's...



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          Re: 3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

          Originally posted by chelseachick69 View Post
          I do remember lots of vaseline for our faces,
          What was the vaseline for?


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            Re: 3 Teens Stabbed on W17th

            To keep from getting severe scratches on our faces. Girlfights used to include lots of scratching at the face of your opponent. Personally, I wasn't a scratcher. Girls in those days were very vicious that way. Boy... am I glad those days are over.