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  • The Tower of Google

    i was walking down 9th ave on Saturday when I noticed a crane hovering over the Google building , when I went down the block to see what was happening, i saw an unusual object.

    Asking a number of the workers what it was i was told that it was a lighttower. requests for more information came up with the words" I signed a non disclosure agreement' and "I don't want to lose my job."

    Google is also now building 2 "mystery barges'
    "The plan is to "upstage" Apple's retail stores with the "dazzling" and unusual showrooms" link

    I suspect this is another prong of the strategy, and that the lightower will be part of a public showroom to showcase Google glasses and other Google products. When I mentioned this to some of the workers at the site they said nothing, but their body language seemed to confirm this.

    On a somewhat similar note, the Chelsea Art Museum went bankrupt a while back. i was passing by there one day and saw work going on and found out that the building now has a new tenant it's hewlett packard, the site is meant to be a showroom.

    looking at an article from 2011 i see it says that "Hewlett-Packard, which has special plans for the building." A ordinary showroom is not special plans so I would think that we'll be seeing another unusual showroom at the site.

    far west chelsea has greatly changed over the years, the next wave of change seems to be coming upon us now

    Up until the event of the highline far west chelsea was industrial with only a very few residential buildings west of 10th ave. as it turns out before it became all industrial, there were a lot of people living there, Check out some of the history of Death Ave here

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    Re: The Tower of Google

    Hmmm? A light tower! I hope they don't plan on lighting up the sky every night and disturbing the neighbors.


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      Re: The Tower of Google

      Originally posted by Melian View Post
      Hmmm? A light tower! I hope they don't plan on lighting up the sky every night and disturbing the neighbors.
      No, the unit had no bulb or electronics,as i looked at it, it reminded me most of a reflector telescope

      Actually the Tower of Google wasn't the strangest thing i saw on my Saturday walk. This was...

      Why would anyone have taken all these newspaper boxes and placed them by newspaper across from the Fulton houses? if you were just moving them to get them out of the way you wouldn't have 10 Village Voice boxes in a row, all facing traffic. Something here just doesn't smell right.

      Gloria Sukenick recently had a letter published in Chelsea Now warning off the recent opening of 7-Elevens in Chelsea as being part of an invasion from another planet. I strongly suspect that the placement of these newspaper boxes has been to create a landmark visible from outer space as another part of the invasion of Chelsea from outer space.

      In 2009 when I first broke the story that Chelsea had joined NATO I personally had my doubts about the wisdom of this move. Now as we find ourselves in the midst of this alien invasion i see that our joinng NATO was indeed a wise move.


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        Re: The Tower of Google

        that is odd