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11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

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  • 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

    Im prepared for the worst,(If that is possible),my windows face the back of the 3 story building which will soon be under major construction to house a new Hotel. Does anyone know anything more about this project?

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    Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

    We live right near there too and have also wondered about that. I have not heard anything. I can only imagine how awful the construction process will be!


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      Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

      Can you be more specific? North or South side of the street? Building #? If you give me more information, I'll take a look at public records and see what's there.


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        Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

        I believe it is on the north side of the street- in the mid-300s- close to 9th ave.


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          Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

          I found this on, but it is on the south side:

          CHELSEAISH?The sites don't quite match up, but could this piece of intel be related to the Andre Balazs/Shigeru Ban project? "Numbers 320-324 West 14th Street are being bought up; tenants forced out--assumption was it was more luxury glass skyboxes on the way. Now a friend on CB2 says it's to be a boutique hotel. Any truth?" Who's got some scoop? [CurbedWire Inbox]


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            Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

            I used to live at 320. I was bought out. I had no idea what they were going to turn it into, so I have no inside intel. sorry

            Interested to see what they'll do with it. 320 needed to come down though, all those electric problems and the boiler and the heating and the blah blah blah...


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              Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)


              Here's more information - this is 345 West 14th, North Side of the Street


              Andre Balazs's Next Hotel May Open in New York

              Where: 345 West 14th Street [map], New York, NY, United States
              3/25/2008 at 3:00 PM
              Tags: Andre Balazs, Hotel News, Hot Hotelier News, AB-Hotels-Map

              UPDATE: A reliable tipster tells us the address of the new AB Hotel is 345 West 14th Street, which would mean it's not in the buildings shown above. And the plot thickens.
              We always take rumors of a new Andre Balazs hotel here very seriously, as evidenced by our map of both real and rumored AB Hotels.
              However, his next location is probably more worthy of a "real" classification than a "rumored" depending on whether you put stock in Curbed, which we do.
              We had previously gotten a tip that that the location would be a private club but Curbed is reporting that Balazs will indeed open a new hotel at 320-324 West 14th Street in a group of three run-down walk-up (hah, that's sorta funny) buildings between eighth and ninth avenues. Curbed writes:
              According to our source, Balazs has some tricks up his sleeve for this one, like working fireplaces in every hotel room. Yowza.
              Hmm...this sounds alot like Lafayette House to us. And it's actually quite close to the sister property of Lafayette House, the Maritime. And the hoteliers behind those two hotels--Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode--are planning another one at Hotel Riverview on nearby Jane Street. We predict a hotelier smackdown in the West Village!
              Still, Curbed is not saying the AB Hotel is 100 percent legit. But we hope it is as hotel guests need more options downtown.
              [Photo: Curbed]


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                Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

                If permits have been applied for, are in process, approved or denied, you can always look it up on the NYC Dept of buildings website. I've been researching pretty heavily the last couple of years as my nearby building, is likely to be demolished and made into luxury condos per the new landlord's plans, (not unlike The Prime next door). Who can afford to live in condos starting at $3 million? Not the artists who are being pushed out by the gentrification.

                on 345 W. 14th from the NYC Dept. of Buildings
                ALTERATION TYPE 1 -
                Proposed to englarge 3 Story building to cretae an eleven story hotel.
                Construct exterior walls., partitions, ceilings and doors. Install of Temporary
                fence as shown on drawing.

                Issued to: RICHARD PEREC


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                  Re: 11 story Hotel W 14th St (8th-9th)

                  In this economy I don't see this project going forward.