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    Trust fund granddaughter of pharmaceutical magnate sued for 'offensive levels of marijuana smoke coming from luxury apartment'

    Onyx Condominium claims that since Jacqueline Lasdon, 27, moved in residents complained about 'offensive levels' of cigarette and marijuana smoke
    Board also said it received numerous complaints about the 'regular influx of transient persons' residing in her $2million unit
    Lasdon said she has never smoked pot in the apartment and stopped lighting up cigarettes after her upstairs neighbor complained
    She also said she was 'shocked' by the lawsuit because she never throws parties at the unit and is only visited regularly by two friends

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    Re: Life At the Onyx Building

    wow who knew= i did not


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      Re: Life At the Onyx Building

      I didn't know who to believe - until I saw her pictures. So, I now pronounce her GUILTY!


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        Re: Life At the Onyx Building

        "Trust fund granddaughter of pharmaceutical magnate" being the operative phrase. No need for weed. Mumsy and Papa must be so unendingly proud of their handiwork.