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  • F.I.T. Fashions of the Future

    Chelsea's Fashion Institute of Technology presented The Future of Fashion, featuring
    its graduating class of 2013. On May 1st, a very talented group of 91
    students filled the runway with clothes they designed in 5 categories:
    knitwear, sportswear, special occasion, lingerie and childrenswear. The
    predominating look was black or white so a long gown in yellow satin with
    black lace, a taupe cotton canvas dress, and a chartreus cotton dress stood
    out, and a number of the outfits were in blue. Since Cotton Incorporated
    was awarding 3 cash prizes it is not surprising that a lot of cotton was
    used. There was also lots of leather and wool. The shapes were mostly
    straight line and close to the body, but there were several exceptions which
    were very pleasing, and a few not so.

    Do you often agree with the critics? This time I must state that we are of
    the same mind. The professional designers who act as mentors and critics to
    students in their final year awarded those with a flair for the unusual. Of
    particular note is Marines Padilla from Puerto Rico #71 who won in the
    knitwear category.

    This white knit dress definitely will draw stares for
    its attractiveness and uniqueness since it has large open spaces between its
    cable stitches. Eleonore Loow from Sweden #34 won for a special
    occasion dress, and this is another knockout white laced open spaced organza
    mini dress destined to draw attention.

    When I eliminated the categories of lingerie and childrenswear I counted
    almost 25 styles the average person could wear. I think wearability (see photos below) is a
    good way to measure the success of a fashion show, so kudos to Fashion
    Institute.And F.I.T. has Calvin Klein and his company to thank for their generous contribution that supports the major cost of this annual fashion show.
    Florence Cohen