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bad biz at TATES (7th Ave. 23/24) ...

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  • bad biz at TATES (7th Ave. 23/24) ...

    ...and it's not the first time I had a bad experience there.

    They often have interesting imports so I pop in once in a while.

    Last night I bought three pairs of pants and they were too long (they have nothing shorter than 30L) so I took them back and they insisted on giving me a store credit, even though the receipt clearly states that they give full refund within 30 days.

    They started talking in some other language and kept insisting they will only give store credit. I told them I come there often and it's bad customer service to not honor their own receipt and they told me I was a bad customer.

    When I told them I was going to call the police, they said go ahead. As I was outside waiting for them to come, the owner came out and said he's gonna give me the money, and I told him no because he made me call the cops and I was going to have them see what I was dealing with.

    The cops came pretty quickly and heard us out, I got my money back right away and thanked the cops.

    As I was walking out the owner told me not to ever come back (as if I planned to) and I told him that I'm going to write about this experience and post it on a neighborhood blog.

    The other time I had drama from this place was a few months ago when they had something in the window that was the last one, and they wouldn't take it off the mannequin for me to try it on. They said come back in a few weeks when they change the window display (WTF?)

    After 10 mins back and forth arguing, they made me promise that if they took it down i MUST buy it.
    I did end up buying it, but guess it's the last thing I will ever buy from them again.

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    Re: bad biz at TATES (7th Ave. 23/24) ...

    Thanks for the post. I think that I would have been deterred after the first incident.