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qboba wants outside seating on 21street

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  • qboba wants outside seating on 21street

    If you look at the bottom of the window of the newest fast food restaurant in Chelsea, qdoba, you will see a sign posted to inform us of a community board meeting where qdoba plans to petition for outdoor seating along 21 st between 7th and 8th aves. They plan to put up 8 tables with seating for 17 - all of which will increase noise, garbage, and congestion on an already congested corner.

    Concerned residents are going to attend a community board meeting this Monday at 6:30 PM at the Westin hotel - 270 West 43rd. To all those who can't imagine a neighborhood where a fast food store owned by Jack n the box (owned by PepsiCo) is allowed to spill out onto our residential street, PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETNG AND VOICE YOUR CONCERNS. If you cannot attend, please email the same to Every voice counts in this decision.

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    Re: qboba wants outside seating on 21street

    The community has been OPPOSED to sidewalk cafes along 8th Avenue for years and years. The sidewalks are too narrow and the pedestrian traffic increasing. They are OK on 7th because sidewalk is much wider.

    You can always write your OPPOSITION to any sidewalk cafe application or renewal by WRITING to the CB4 Offices. They print them out and read them in meetings. Suggestion, always include the address since that's how they file the complaints (not necessarily under the biz name).

    Now there is Lasagna (8th and 20th) taking over the corner and they are NOT keeping the minimum clearances. File complaints, when their renewal comes up it'll be points against them.

    I heard many people opposed Qdoba at the meeting and lots of e-mails were sent in.


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      Re: qboba wants outside seating on 21street

      so glad you ard interested in helping. Please join me and other concerned neighbors on july23 at roosevelt hospital 6:30 pm 1000 tenth ave in the 50's. We will have a chance to speak to representatives of our elected officials who ultimately make the decision. Cb4 has so far approved the request so we need to show our opposition. Look around the neighborhood for flyers we will be putting up soon. Thanks again.


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        Re: qboba wants outside seating on 21street

        Unfortunately I will not be in town July 23. Here is another suggestion: Call Chelsea Now, the newspaper, and The New York Times, and NY1 and see if they can do a story about the increasing opposition of the community to sidewalk cafes on 8th ave. and the congestion it is creating endangering pedestrians.

        All complaints and opposition count. The more the merrier. Getting media attention is Priceless.

        However, as a 20+ yr resident of Chesea, and realistically speaking there is also a problem with the broken process of getting permits. CBs are only advisory. They can say yes or no to an application. Then it goes to DoT who has final say in granting the consent, they hold a little hearing, you can say you and the community are opposed, the lawyer representing the restaurant will be in favor. DoT later approves it. Then there is some sort of City Council final blessing, unless there are hundreds of people on that day in front of Christine Quinn OPPOSING a sidewalk cafe, it will get approved. End of the line. From that point forward its a matter of renewals every couple of years.

        We have been there, and done that. Believe me I feel your pain.

        We vigorously opposed MARE, TELLO, LA BELLE VIE, LASAGNA (formerly TAZZA), and ROCKING HORSE because they were violating the areas they were granted by going bigger, putting waiters and signage in the sidewalk outside the designated area, putting bigger tables and chairs then submitted in the drawings. One restaurant killed a tree in other to get clearance. We saw what the CUMULATIVE EFFECT was doing. We had entire block associations opposed to each and everyone of those. They still got approved and get re-approved.

        After 9-11 the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Gretchen Dykstra even made it much easier to apply. The city loves the $ those cafes generate (they raised the anual fees per square feet), and so it has become a slippery slope and we told her. $ trumps neighborhood complainers unless its a huge wave of complainers or sombody gets killed. And so here we are....

        Do call 311 and register complaints against those existing ones. Do write and show up at CB meetings and DoT hearings against the new ones.

        We finally did 1 thing within our control: we BOYCOTT those restaurants.

        There is 2 exeptions: NISOS and VICEROY. They listened to us, and changed their application: no sidewalk tables & chairs on 8th Avenue. THey stay on the sidestreet. If any waiter puts out too many tables or chairs they remove them. When their applications for renewal come up we SUPPORT them.