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abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

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    Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

    I went to look at the entries on Citysearch, and quite frankly, I thought the reviews of Heart of Chelsea were pretty good. Just on a lark, I looked up the vets that I had used extensively until my two cats died (who were both upward of 20 years each), West Chelsea Veterinary Hospital. I had been very pleased with the vet care there, and in the future when I have cats again, I'll go back (that's not to say that I've never met anyone that didn't have a complaint about West Chelsea.)

    What I noticed on the Citysearch board was that some overzealous vigilante from this board went and dropped a complaint on West Chelsea's Citysearch reviews, referring to Heart of Chelsea and Chelsea Click Your Block in their complaint. Which tells me that this discussion is out of hand when someone is going to be so reckless as to inadvertently tarnish another vet's reputation.


    [QUOTE=Vidis;8934]If you think I am the only one with a gripe towards HoC, you need to re-read all the entries here on CYB, or better yet - try this recent one too -


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      Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

      Originally posted by charlesB View Post
      Dr. Siebert,
      But we on clickyourblock have "known" AlexisMcKinnon for a long time and she is always most respectful and kind to everyone, even when she disagrees with them. So I think you might take her comments with something more than a grain of salt.
      Wow, Charles--thank you for the compliment!


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        Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

        Gee, I've been away too long you guys!

        I just read Vidis' gut wrenching tale about his poor little baby cat. I know first hand, how insensitive some people can be about an ill pet. It is heartbreaking at best, and I for one am still mourning the loss of my beloved kitty; it's been almost 3 years.

        When my cat became ill and collapsed on Thanksgiving Day of '05, the trauma of watching her suffer in the snap of a finger, was overwhelming, frightening and just more than I could bear at the time. She literally got deathly ill overnight.

        In any case, I just read your first and subsequent posts on HoC, and although I've never taken my pet there (I used the Vet on Tenth Ave. -- West Chelsea Vet. Clinic), I have heard stories from my own friends who although their pets were treated okay, pet owners were nickled and dimed to death for just about everything. One of my friends, did complain about some rude person who worked there, but I have no idea who this person is or was at the time.

        Sadly, there are some people out there that although they are supposed to be caring, compassionate professionals especially, those who treat our 4-legged angels and who work for Vets, are not trained in "sensitivity" when dealing with distraught pet owners. They just don't care.

        Vidis, I applaud you for taking the stand you have and I applaud everyone who voiced their concerns on this issue. I think it's wonderful when we care about the treatment of animals and the people who love them. (Y'all rock!)

        Alexis, if anyone makes disparaging remarks at you, send 'em to me. I'll straighten them out for you. (HA, HA...: >)



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          Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

          Alexis, the compliment has been earned by you and it is well-deserved!

          And CC I couldn't tell by your post if you read through all of this thoroughly enough to see that the Doctor at Heart of Chelsea actually came on here and reported that he had decided to rescind this "emergency fee". Compliments to clickyourblock for helping to make that happen!


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            Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

            Ever since HoC opened we have taken all our dogs there. Not once did we ever experience anything but top professionals and staff--from Hello to Goodbye.

            HoC is a great resource and we will continue to take our pets there. Its a well designed facility and deserves not only our business but our appreciation.


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              Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

              I see this thread is quite old, but I wanted to add my 2 cents:

              I love Heart of Chelsea. They helped my my cat recover from a serious health problem. They are always kind and very sweet to me and him. They're committed professionals, always.


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                Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

                I also wanted to added my 2 cents:

                I have had no problems with HoC and have received nothing but the best care from them.

                I have had a few emergencies with my young pup. One Sunday a few months ago I had a terrible emergency with my dog involving some pigeons, a faulty leash and a car, you get the idea. However, HoC was closed but called me immediately back after leaving them a paniced message. I was told to take her to 5th Ave. Vet. Clinic. A true emergency clinic. (luckily it turns out after all the tests and xrays she just had a bloody nose from a lil impact)

                On another occasion my dog was bit by another dog on my block and had a terrible infection within hours. (btw i'm over people that don't have their dogs properly trained and clearly have dirty mouths) HoC stayed opened later for me and did some emergency work on my dog. Dr. Gabriele is kind and amazing!

                Yes there were some extras fee's for them keeping the clinic open but
                such is life. Also, is this not why we have pet insurance. It's sad when pet owners have to debate over the health of their pet and the costs of their medical needs. We keep insurance for ourselves. Should'nt we have the respect for our pets to make sure they're covered. It's just common sense to me.

                One more thing, HoC has always been great with doing follow up calls to see how my dog is doing and have been nothing but warm, informative and welcoming. I will continue to be a patron of their clinic.



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                  Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

                  I think it's quite a tribute to this board (thank you, Jonathan, and to everyone who contributes), to Vidis, and to the doctor who was brave enough to reconsider policy and come forward with a change. Maybe we need more "firestorms" to correct some of the terrible things our society has to endure from insensitivity and greed.


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                    Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea

                    Well, as it is, things happen. We had a terrible experience with our Vet, Ms.Ficara, who practices at the Downtown Veterinary Clinic at 148 9th Avenue, New York, New York.

                    Our dog Bella, a sheltie of 17 lbs, was attacked, bitten and wounded by a pit-bull on 28th Street and 9th Avenue.

                    Ms. Ficara's advice was to cut the wound by performing surgery immediately. And moreover she advised that, although she herself had provided a dental cleaning two months earlier, our Bella would receive yet another one. And the ?friendly lady doctor? would give us a real win-win stuation by offering a deal we can not refuse: doing both surgerys for about $1000.

                    Well, I was extremely upset and walked out the Downtown Veterinary Clinic. I telephoned a friend of mine who works at the Humane Society. Bella could come the next day, and so it happened.

                    We were received by a lady, Dr. Schwarz at 306 E. 59th St (between 1st and 2nd Avenues). She examined Bella, which took 40 minutes (for a charge of $49). Ms. Ficara would do it in five minutes and charge double.

                    Bella received antibiotics and some stuff to clean the wound, and surgery was out of the question. As far as her teeth were considered Bella was advised to change her diet. Now we give her dry stuff, larger pieces, she needs to chew on and that seems to work.

                    Some vets only do it to make money.


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                      Re: abusive doctor @ Heart of Chelsea


                      I'm so sorry to hear what happened to Bella! Such a beautiful dog. You should post some pictures of her here on your profile page. For those of you who don't know, Salomon and I used to live on the same street and his dog was almost a carbon copy of mine who had just passed away. So I have a special place in my heart for Bella.

                      How did that happen that a pit bull was able to attack her? Where was the owner of the pit bull?

                      And thanks for letting us know about your experience at the Downtown Veterinary Clinic.

                      Originally posted by magpie View Post
                      I think it's quite a tribute to this board (thank you, Jonathan, and to everyone who contributes), to Vidis, and to the doctor who was brave enough to reconsider policy and come forward with a change. Maybe we need more "firestorms" to correct some of the terrible things our society has to endure from insensitivity and greed.
                      Well said magpie. I agree completely. I give the doctor a lot of credit for coming on here. I know it wasn't easy. And I give him even more credit for actually changing his policy on emergency fees. A lot of people wouldn't have done that - so he deserves a lot of credit for making that decision. And yes, thanks to Vidis for posting about it in the first place.