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Associated Supermarket's New Noisy Fan

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  • Associated Supermarket's New Noisy Fan

    I live on the south side of the W15th between 7th and 8th, closer to the 8th Ave. My windows face into the yard, right over the Associated supermarket freezer. They used to have 2 huge fans that were constantly on. The constant humming noise drove me crazy. But now they have installed a 3rd, huge blue fan that makes as much noise as the 2 old fans put together.

    I would assume the people who live in the building over the the Associated have noticed as well.

    Let me know if anyone else has noticed the increase in the noise level.


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    Re: Associated Supermarket's New Noisy Fan

    The fans are definitely louder and more intrusive but probably not loud enough to violate the City's noise law. The market's ventilation system is and has been a persistent pestilence. Years ago, I complained to the store manager about a grating metal noise and they promptly corrected the problem. This issue, however, goes to the essential nature of the units and I don't believe they would be cooperative.


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      Re: Associated Supermarket's New Noisy Fan

      Had this problem when I lived on East side.. Call the DEP and they will come out and take noise levels and issue summons. If they dont show in court will issue summons after summons - it took awhile but eventually some kind of noise reduction thing was put around the units and help a lot.
      Give it a shot and be presistent. It worked for me over in Murray Hill