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Advisory for West 15th Midblock south side

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  • Advisory for West 15th Midblock south side


    Residents of the south side of West 15 between about #230 to about #250, whose apartments face south towards the backyard, should be aware of an upcoming development in the backyard area.

    Developers are planning to purchase #241 West 14th Street, the landmarked Andrew Norris House, and establish a private club there. It is described as an upscale private art and literature club for younger people. The interior will have a full restaurant kitchen in the basement, bar and reception area on the main floor, full restaurant on the second floor, and the top floor will have guest rooms for overnight use. While the membership will be large, the official capacity of the building will be set at 210 people.

    The plans including adding some additional storeys to the building in the rear of the building, which is permitted by the zoning there.

    But the plans also include expanding into the backyard for either restaurant or bar service. A decision as to which has not yet been made.

    The back yard area is susceptible to echoes and even amplification of sounds. Therefore, the expansion into the backyard is a particularly sensitive issue.

    The developers are working with a consultant familiar with State Liquor Authority applications and municipal permits. The consultant and the develpers have already reached out to the West 15th Street 200 Block Association, the Council of Chelsea Block Associations, and the Chelsea-Village Partnership, Inc. to try and steer their plans to completion. Next week they appear before Community Board #4 similarly.

    The Block Association urged the developers to communicate with residents who will be impacted by any development into the back yard, but the developers and consultant now advise that they are unable to do this.

    If you live in an apartment that will be exposed to noise from commercial use of the back yard of #241 West 14th Street, please be forewarned that this process is moving forward with unusual haste. If you know neighbors who will be impact, please warn them too.

    A Community Board #4 Committee will be hearing this issue on Tuesday, June 13 and that will be an opportunity for concerned residents to comment officially if they wish.

    On behalf of the West 15th Street 200 Block Association,

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    Re: Advisory for West 15th Midblock south side

    Thanks for the update. For anyone who is interested in more information check out Community Boards Calendar of events on or the entire site
    Sharon Mear