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$50..........w15 street bet 7th & 8th

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  • $50..........w15 street bet 7th & 8th

    There is a man wearing a turban walking around 14, 15 street & other streets in chelsea.
    This man stiffed me of $ 50. on wed. june 24th around 3pm.
    He pretends to be some kind of a guru. He wanted more money, but
    luckly did not have more cash on me. He tried the same thing with some
    other neighbor. We can identify this man.


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    Re: $50..........w15 street bet 7th & 8th

    When you say he 'stiffed' what do you mean? It sounds like he begged for money and you gave it to him. I don't mean to sound cynical, but it was your choice to give him the $50. I've given money to beggars at moments of guilt for my own joy of being a lucky New Yorker. Don't beat yourself up for doing a good deed. Just bless whatever you give and know it will return to you multiplied. Guru means teacher and this man has taught you a valuable lesson:" You have a big heart!" That is a good thing. So whenever I feel compelled to give a I do it , release it and expect the best for myself and the beggar. We are our brother's (and sister's) keeper.