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One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

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  • One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

    Evidently yesterday, there was an armed robbery attempt at Duane Reade on 14th Street and 7th Avenue. The word is the clerk foiled it by calling the cops on her cell phone in front of the would-be robber (probably not a good idea! but, in this case, it worked) and he ran. When I mentioned this to the clerk at Tasty Treat, he thought I was talking about a robbery (successful?) at Sacco Shoes (7th Ave. between 15th and 16th) on Monday. This is a lot of criminal activity in a short time in our neighborhood.

    Anyone heard more (or better details?)

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    Re: One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

    Hey MCO8,

    I agree. I've lived in chelsea for close to 20 years. I was recently harrassed at the soup line on 28 & 9th and the week after that some one was shot right in front of my house !
    I feel that the lack of police contributes to this criminal acivity. It's like what's has to happen next ?
    Yet if you ask some people they think Chelsea is just the best place to live, despite the lack of police.
    I've lived here along time and I'm scared at times...



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      Re: One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

      I am so tired of hearing gun shots from the west side of 26th Street late at night. I'm also really tired of the FDNY being called to the projects almost every night for false alarms. To me, that is the real crime.

      I just wish the 10th Precinct would take some of this stuff more seriously and just have a patrol there on a daily basis. Especially, on the weekends and late in the evening. I know that there are bigger problems than I've mentioned, but this kind of thing just takes away from what Chelsea could and used to be; before, the proliferation of the gangs that somehow have taken a strong-hold of the Chelsea area (the Chelsea Houses in particular.) It's such a shame that this is the situation just across the street from my building. Just look at what happened in Chelsea Park a week or so ago. This is a park I used to play in with my sister when I was a kid. It just breaks my heart.


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        Re: One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

        I need to make a correction about the robberies. It was Rite Aid on 7th between 13th and 14th--not Duane Reade. Sorry!


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          Re: One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

          This area needs more patrols by police ON FOOT in order to deter crime and quality of life violations.
          I contact the 10th and 6th precints regularly and request foot patrols- obviously to no avail. Perhaps if other people contacted them- and the mayor's office- on a regular basis, something would get done.
          (For problems on 14th St. call Lt. Michael Casey of the 6th precint @ 212-741-4811.



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            Re: One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

            Regarding MC08's 10/7 report of crime around 7th Avenue and 14th Street and Steronto's 10/28 call for foot patrols:

            At least three things have occurred over the past several years to permit increased crime there. First, that particular intersection is balkanized among three different police precincts and hence marginalized by each. It is where the 6th, the 10th and the 13th Precincts all meet. Not many people know that each of those precincts reports that since 2001, precinct staffing at each of those three precincts is down by 66%. That's an enormous loss of staffing. Foot patrols are not considered important by the Bloomberg administration, and not readily available under such staffing decreases.

            Second, West 14th Street is also balkanized having the dividing line between Community Board #2 in the Village and Community Board #4 in Chelsea run right down its middle. Historically the two boards did not work together on issues regarding West 14th Street. About 7 years ago, under pressure from the Chelsea Village Partnership Inc. (a community group), the Manhattan Borough President had the two historically sparring Boards form a special Joint Committee that was extremely productive and helpful to the entire West 14th Street corridor neighborhood. In 2003, Community Board #4 terminated that Committee. In April of this year, Borough President Scott Stringer attended a public forum sponsored by the Chelsea Village Partnership and promised the public to reinstate the Joint Committee. But in September, Mr. Stringer's office quietly announced that the Joint Committee would not be reinstated because Community Board #4 still had objections. The objections are solely fear of lose of control of turf. This is why so much of of West 14th Street remains in such shabby condition.

            Third, the only way to receive municipal services is for community groups to exercise group clout. But this area has morphed from a long term residential community into something closer to a domitory type community. As such, people living here temporarily feel less of a connection and tend not to support their local community groups. They do want somebody to do something about problems. But they don't sense that it requires rolling up sleeves and lots of hard work. Without strongly supported community groups, it is not possible to compete successfully for today's continuously diminished municipal services.

            This is all to say, by all means individuals should call the precinct and City Hall to demand foot patrols be returned. Just don't hold your breath.

            It's hard enough simply trying to get back the disappeared street light at #218 West 15th Street that we need for better protection at night.



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              Re: One robbery and one attempt between 14th and 16th on 7th

              Thanks, Stanley, the explanation--but now I'm REALLY bummed out!