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Associated Market at 255 W. 14th

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    Re: Associated Market at 255 W. 14th

    CC, I shop at that Gristedes quite a bit since I live down the block. Mostly, for staples, frozen foods, water, etc.

    As far as food, I have bought packaged cheese that went moldy right away (returned it), always taste anything I want from the deli first to make sure it's fresh, check dates on milk, etc. I have also bought fresh chicken that was rancid so now I always pop a hole in the package to smell it and make sure it's fresh. You do have to be careful because they are careless. So, I always save the receipt if I need to return something.

    My husband hates to shop there for that reason so he treks down to Western Beef on 14th/9th for fresh chicken, meat, cheese and the prices are cheaper in general. Manhattan Produce (I think that's the name) at Chelsea Market has fresh fruit and vegetables, coffee, bulk foods....good value, good quality. Just need to take your shopping cart.


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      Re: Associated Market at 255 W. 14th

      Thanks for the tip LTR. I will heed your warning. I love Chelsea Market. I go there often, mostly for fresh seafood. Their produce market is awesome as well.



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        Re: Associated Market at 255 W. 14th

        I was in Gristede's on 8th & 12st to buy cereal & they were out of Cheerios.
        They were out of Cheerios in all sizes.

        Sure they had they sugary ones & the honeyed ones, but they had NO CHEERIOS.

        There outta be a law!

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