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John Anthony Rapinich -Feb 10, 2014

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  • John Anthony Rapinich -Feb 10, 2014

    Just learned that John Rapinich has passed away. John was a Penn South resident. He worrked at St. Vincent de Paul church According to a NY Times article he worked there keeping watch. I had stopped by the church a few years ago and found him preaching there also.

    This is from an article in the NY Times from 1988 ...

    At St. Vincent de Paul, built 125 years ago for the city's French population, John Anthony Rapinich, is paid $6 an hour from the special collection box to keep watch. ''There shouldn't be any fear here,'' said the 57-year-old Mr. Rapinich, a retired seafarer and circus hand. He keeps a silver-tipped cane at hand in case there is a need for a show of force.