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    There have been a number of posts on CYB decrying the rise of big box and the the lessening of mom and pops in Chelsea.

    While shopping today, a guy handing out flyers gave me one with this written on it...

    "Nice Little Neighborhood Mac Shop
    Apple Authorized Sales & Repair

    Mikes Mac
    120 West 20th Street

    I can't attest as to the quality of the shop...just passing on a bit of info.

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    Re: Mike's Mac

    AEG, sounds interesting. I'll definitely swing by there. I'd much rather take my Mac to a small shop than one of those mega stores. I've always liked Digital Society at Bway and 10th, but this one would be closer to me. Thanks for posting this. I'll report back any experiences good/bad.


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      Re: Mike's Mac

      Thx for sharing. I'm always interested in Mac help. So few people know about Mac and the big places are not desirable for so many reasons. I'm making note of this.