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    The Mormon church has done a beautiful job of renovating the former St. Zita's home for fallen women on 15th street just east of 7th avenue. The problem I see with it is that they never renovated the 14th street building which is the former St. Zita's convent. Supposedly, the convent nuns were initially worried about the perservation of stained glass windows which cannot even be seen because of the dirt encrusted on the windows. Does anyone know if they ever plan to fix this horrible looking structure that is really a blight on the neighborhood currently. I will try to contact the church for some info on this, but don't hold your breath. I am really getting to be a fussbudget lately but, with all the local renovations going on in this neighborhood, I can't fathom why this this building is still a mess.

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    I went down to use their Family History Center and it appears they are grossly short of staff. My guess is they are still settleing into the new facility. The gentleman I spoke to was on loan from Boston and while very friendly, he had no idea of of hours of operation and such. I'm sure they'll get to it.