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152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

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  • 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

    Hello My fellow neighbors.
    I am a tenant at 152 west 14th and here to testify of the horrible living conditions Stanley Wasserman and his agent Tom Elliott are keeping us in.
    As far back as 2007 there were issued a violation regarding the fa?ade bucking out and threatening to fall. They did nothing to fix the problem and we were ordered to vacate on a Friday night 2 months ago.
    Tom Elliott and Wasserman refused us access to the vacant rooms in the Building until the Monday morning (tols us to go to the Red Cross) and then coerced us into signing a lame agreement with them, as a condition to getting into those rooms tht same Monday morning.

    A Tenant and Senior Citizen with Diabetis, had a piece of the ceiling collapse on him at night while asleep and had to be rushed to the emergency room. None of the HPD violations are ever fixed. The few fines they've had to pay are not enough incentive.
    Is there ANYTHING that can be done to hold these people responsible for so much trauma and all the hardships they put us through?

    Their strategy is to make our living conditions so unbearable that:
    1) we have to move out
    2) The City declares the building unsafe, and then we are out.
    3) if 80% of a building occupancy is vacated, the DHCR accepts a case for Major Capital Investment which allows the Owner to get market level prices and exempt him from being Rent-stabilised.

    To this day, 2 months after the vacate Order ansd 28 months after the first DOB violation issued, NO WORK has taken place to fix the problem.
    We are all desperate for help in any way, shape or form.
    If any of you know anyone in the Media, I am thinking this could be our only chance...
    Thank you for reading.

    Distressed, Rent paying Tenant.

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    Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

    Media coverage is a good idea. Also, if you haven't done so, you might want to contact your City Council member, State senator, and DOB's Commissioner. Call and e-mail until you get a response.


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      Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

      Contact chelsea now and certainly a politician who can help.


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        Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

        Here's a story that should interest you...

        "As 2002 drew to a close, tenants at 137 E. 26th
        St. in Manhattan emerged victorious from a
        2 1/2-year battle with their landlord. The
        building?s tenant association is affiliated with Met
        The struggle began in May 2000 when tenants were
        notified by their landlord,StanleyWasserman, that the
        gas and water risers in their apartments would be re-
        placed. They were told by the contractor that the work
        would ?be a slight inconvenience.? As work progressed
        in the first line of apartments, the tenants realized
        they had some serious problems on their hands.
        First off, ?riser replacement? turned out to be a eu-
        phemism for a total gut renovation of each bathroom,
        complete with all the rubble and lead dust that that
        entails. Second, the ?slight inconvenience? turned out
        to be a six-week ordeal. As the bathrooms were ren-
        dered unusable, the landlord created a temporary bath-
        room facility. It was one toilet, one sink, and one
        shower, for all six households in the line?as well as the
        workers doing the renovations, and the occasional pros-
        titute or drug addict who snuck in if the door was left
        The temporary bathroom was located in the base-
        ment, which could not be reached from inside the
        building. This meant that every time a tenant in the
        affected line needed to use the toilet or shower, they
        had to go downstairs, go through the lobby and out into
        the street, walk 20 paces down the block, and then down
        an exterior stairway and through a door under the
        After work began in the
        second line, the tenants
        decided they?d had
        enough. Simultaneously,
        they called the Depart-
        ment of Buildings (DOB)
        and Met Council. DOB
        came out and issued a
        stop-work order on the
        landlord for working with-
        out a permit. But because
        DOB does not force land-
        lords to file the proper per-
        mits needed to complete
        the job in situations like
        this, the households in the
        second line were stuck in
        mid-renovation. With the
        help of Met Council, the
        tenants filed an HP action
        in housing court, which
        compelled the landlord to
        get the permits straight-
        ened out and finish the
        (for the rest of the article click here )

        click here's for Met Council on Housing Website:

        There are 2 other threads on CYB that have discussed Stanley Wasserman, in case you havn't read them both they are::

        In one of these you'll find that a while back Chelsea Now ran a story on the Shalom Tenants Association.
        You should probably read the whole article, here's a snippet:

        STA also owes its growth in part to Duane?s boosterism. In June 2005, the state senator held a forum in conjunction with STA, which allowed the association to spread the word about the Shaloms and increase its membership to 128. The following February, Duane hosted another forum, which increased STA?s membership to 283. The second forum, moderated by Duane and State Senator Liz Krueger and attended by representatives from the Mayor?s Office, the City Council, the State Assembly, the State Senate and the Manhattan DA?s office, allowed the 175 tenants in attendance to ask questions of representatives from the Department of Buildings, HPD, the fire department and various other agencies involved in housing issues. When asked if the forums had an effect, Duane said, ?They brought all the agencies together to help coordinate enforcement. Tenants could feel empowered because they actually had a chance to work with officials.?

        I would think Tom Duane would be a good person to contact:

        You'll find other local reps contact info here:

        and here's Chelsea News contact info:
        Chelsea Now (212) 229-1890.

        Good luck and I would suggest keep us informed of your progress.


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          Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

          Thank you all for so much info.
          Greatly appreciated.
          Meantime looks like there may be yet another Vacate Order in the making. This time regarding the BACK rooms in the Building.
          City plastered violation yesterday for a crack that runs all the way through the building back wall.
          Yes, that is what happens when a building is not maintained: it falls apart.


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            Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

            There is a great long standing resource where tenants of Chelsea can get real help.....
            go to the weekly meeting of the Chelsea Coalition on Housing every
            Thursday nights 7:30pm in the basement -under 322 and 324 West 17th Street.

            It is a grassroots organization, not formally funded - supported by tenant donations, of experienced and effective Advocates and Organizers helping Chelsea tenants for decades. Expert Tenant attorneys are available at most meetings to give free onsite advice. Not every tenant issue is a legal one and we can advise if your particular situation requires you to engage the services of an attorney, if necessary, or if you can take steps to resolve the situation yourself or as a group. These meetings are conducted as open table group meetings - not individual sessions - so that all may learn the various issues and responses to this very specific area of concern.

            Bring all your related documents: lease, letters to and or from you / your landlord. You should (if you haven't yet) research as much as you can about your building and bring printed out copies of the info with you to the meeting that will make it possible to begin the process of finding solutions.
            Please bring the building ownership details; violations that have been registered (call 311 with your complaints and get the conditions registered) and other details ? your lease and other details (bring a printed out copy of as much of the info for the coalition, if you can)

            Organize your info so you can give a clear statement of what is going on.
            It all can seem so overwhelmingly complicated - here are some places to start:

            The first step is to know three important items when beginning your research:

            the BIS - Building Information System (found on DOB or HPD website) starts with your knowing: the Borough: Manhattan; Lot Number and Block Number for your specific building- this is how the City categorizes every property in NYC and this is always needed to look up records for your building:

   - Department of Buildings -Property Ownership
   - Housing, Preservation and Development Building Interior specifics
   - Department of Finance site shows who pays the taxes on the property -usually owner and/or principles of corporation

            How many tenants are in the buildings?

            Violations - what are the ones posted for the building - print them out
            Find out how to form a Tenants' Association - Working together, as a group, is very important.
            Are you all taking to each other concerning building issues?

            Come to the weekly meeting of the Chelsea Coalition on Housing and we will guide you through the process.

            INFORMATION is your power.
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              Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

              I'm surprised no one has updated this thread. I'm assuming the above mentioned building is the one currently causing traffic to be diverted with police directing traffic and pedestrians to the opposite side of the street. The front wall is visibly bulging outward, so much so that it's become a public hazard to those on the street. Last I heard from a police officer was that they're trying to save the building, but most likely it will need to come down. Anyone else have any more detailed info? My sympathies go out to those who lived in this building. I can't imagine being thrown out without much notice, not being able to retrieve my things.
              Buy LOCAL, non-franchise!


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                Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

                Don't be surprised: Hard to get to a computer when you are homeless and surviving thanks to the Red Cross and the compassion of your friends!
                Thanks for your kind words, though.
                A full vacate Order was issued on Thursday May 7th for buildings 150, 152 West 14th street. Another Vacate was issued on Saturday for 148 and 154. The latter was lifted Monday evening.
                The facade was removed. Engineers are assessing the situation in order to decide if the building can be repaired or not.
                In an answer to the DHCR, Wasserman's lawyers stated: "the Landlord is under NO obligation to make repairs,{...} if it is deemed not economically viable"..."Should the Landlord choose to rebuild, Tenants have NO rights to the new building or any of the new units".
                Their agenda is clear, once again, and they are close to succeeding in their scheme: By not maintaining the building to a decent standard, Wasserman is now in a position - or close to it - to demolish the old rent stabilized building and apply for Major Capital Investment and get away with it.

                The Lives destroyed, the human cost, the loss of jobs, the anguish which comes with having your home taken from you, should never be allowed under any circumstances but certainly not for the sole purpose of monetary gain. The ugliest face of capitalism it is. This time however, it bears a name.

                I wish Mr Wasserman had seen the faces of the people departing on the Red Cross bus that Thursday night: Men and women of all ages, hagard, with despondent eyes betraying how baffled they were by what was happening to them right there and then. Some of them had been tenants for over 30 years, left with only a few plastic bags of their belongings lacking the physical strength to carry more...Some of them did not understand English.
                The scene reminded me morbidly of a past not so remote, when displacing people against their will had been made into Law. Whatever happened to "Never Again"?

                Disturbed Rent Paying Tenant


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                  Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

                  The problem with the building is also this:
                  For past 2 years the landlord has been trying to fix the problem with the front of the building. The problem was this that tenants at 152 were focusing on calling HPD dept. and going to court with landlord for small meaningless repairs not facing the danger of the broken facade. When building manager was trying to get into the apartments to assess the damages tenants instead to work with him called Police on him!
                  for 2 years landlord was posting notices about needed repairs and requesting replay from tenants. NONE OF THE TENANTS replied! NON of the them got together and was willing to work with landlord on moving into temporary units until repairs are done!
                  The older man who's ceiling felled down, has been immidieately move to a new place, done by Landlord!
                  So to all tenants from 152 you did! Now we are homeless! Thank you for your cooperation!
                  Also, Mr. Liar mentioned that some tenants barely spoke English, yes but they were from building #150. And these poor guys were left on the street by their Landlord who was covering wholes instead fixing them. And it was her fault that both buildings now are being demolished. Please get your facts straight.
                  And one more note. What happened to us is a horrible, heart breaking, and unfair thing! No body should be in this situation, being homeless....


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                    Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

                    Mr/Mrs PaulR,

                    I don't know whose payroll you are on but let me give you some straight facts:
                    • the First DOB violation issued to Landlord Wasserman regarding Fa?ade goes back to 2003. The next one in 2007.
                    • The first notice of a possible relocation of the tenants April 2008.
                    • I have countless certified Letters which I mailed out to the Landlord asking for repairs and specifically about the work on fa?ade, which I NEVER got a response for. Actually to this date I have not received any correspondance from the Landlord, be it for the Relocation Agreement. Over ten years I would say that is a poor average!
                    • Building Manager wanted to relocate tenants on his own terms and used the vacate Order to force us to sign an unfair agreement.
                    • The reason tenants took Landlord to Court, because of a broken window or defective sink is that tenants NEVER got any repairs done in the first place. Nothing, Nada, Zilch!
                    • The negligence of the Owner is the only reason why we are homeless. Nobody and nothing else is responsible for this.
                    On a more positive note, Both buildings were found to be structurally safe by the City. No demolition is to happen at least for right now. So why don't you get your facts straight!

                    We pay rent. We have rights. Period.
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                      Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings



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                        Re: 152, 148, 215 West 14th. All Wasserman's buildings

                        So it's been over a year since this thread was last written to. The building still stands, covered in scaffolding and plastic. How long can that go on? What has happened to the tenants of the building? Anyone have any updates?
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