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    Welcome back

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    welcome back all- sure has been a long time and there is lots to say- thanks to Jonathan who made it possible once again and for the people who donated to keep the site running- glad to see you are back Magpie


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      Welcome back magpie! Thank you you all so much for all your patience! But looks like we should be up and running fine now for several more years without any problems!

      By the way, I'm going to try to re-format the site to make it look like it did before. Let me know your thoughts on that. Maybe you like it better the way it is now? I just think this format doesn't really work with this site because it's too hard to find the latest conversations - and it's hard to navigate to your own neighborhood.


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        It is harder to navigate, and of course I prefer the old format because I'm more used to it, but whatever you all choose will be fine with me. Just so glad you're back. Thanks so much.


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          yes it is a little harder - at first i didnt know how to log in but my son helped me post-- now it is set up- i guess I miss the penn south section but as long as we can comment its all good and I'll spread the word among people I know. I post a lot of food stuff and there is so much going on I pretty much have hardly begun


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            Yes welcome back!

            When I enterthe URL I get the main page, and when I click on it I get an index page, as opposed to chelsea click your block. entering get me the index page too. So first suggestion is to things to be a bit more user friendly in that regard.


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              Thank you all for your comments. I have my own ideas, but in the end this site is for you. But what you've said is pretty much exactly in line with what I think too! UNITY!

              Anyway, give me a little time to work out all the kinks. Southpaw, for the time being, if you want to bookmark, that will bring you straight here. I had a redirect in place before that automatically took you from to Also, I've just updated the main home page to reflect this "bb" link for the Chelsea site.

              MomJo - the Penn South section is still there - it's just buried under all the raw forum data!

              The way the site looks now is the way the original site would have looked, except I found some software that is written for vBulletin that made it possible to completely change the layout (at least of the home page) to look the way it did. That was back in 2005! And I just found out that same software is still around and it has been updated for this version! So I'm pretty sure I can at least get it back to looking similar to how it looked before. And I might need all of your to help remember what it looked like. I haven't visited the site nearly as much as you all have - so I'll do an initial setup of that - and then you can all help me remember what it was like before and I can tweak it from there. And in fact, if maybe you'd like some things to be in different places - I can do that too.


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                Southpaw - I just fixed the redirect problem. Now you can type in and it will automatically redirect to So that's all set!

                On to the next thing!


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                  MomJo by the way, the Penn South section is here: - you can bookmark it and go directly to it.


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                    Hello, everybody. Glad the site is back!