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It's the NOISE stupid!

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  • It's the NOISE stupid!

    I think someone may have said this here, but NOISE problems rank as the number one complaint filed with 311. Noise is a huge city problem. After running this web site for just a few months now, I've noticed that noise comes up here as an issue quite frequently. Just look around for a bit and you'll soon run into someone who is complaining about excessive noise where they live.

    In fact, one of my first motivations to start this site was a noise problem I was having across the street! I realized I had a desire to connect with people on my block to see if they were bothered by the same problem, and if possibly together we might be able to do something about it.

    One of our newer members, ladyp, recently opened a conversation in the 15th-16th Street blog complaining about noise coming into her apartment from a nearby school. Sounds like an almost impossible problem. How could any single individual actually get a school to keep the kids quieter!

    Another member, MattersNot, answered with what I thought were some good suggestions for fighting noise in the city. They may not be exactly what you're looking for, but click here and these suggestions may prompt you to think of some better ways to fight your own city noise problems.