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  • Chelsea Click Your Activities!

    The NY Lottery says "You Gotta Be In It to Win It" When it comes to Chelsea's activities it can be said "You Gotta Know About It To Attend It"

    To that end this is Version 2.1 of the Chelsea Community Calendar( aka "Chelsea Click Your Activities") . It includes links to websites that describe:
    -Chelsea Calendars of Events
    -Chelsea Class Offerings
    -Chelsea Community Services

    and any other community activities/services that it make sense for Chelsea residents to know about. If you have any favorite Chelsea activities/services that aren't listed, just post a notice or write a review (either on this thread, or better yet on a new thread for maximum exposure ) and I'll add/link them when this gets updated.

    Area of Listings:
    Chelsea borders seem to be ill defined (see ) so let's just say they're 14th to 34th St, the Hudson River to 5th Ave. However if an activity is "adajacent to our "borders" it will be listed also.

    Art Galleries and Museums:
    Chelsea Art Galleries:
    Center for Jewish History:
    Dia Arts:
    Rubin Nuseum

    Block Associations:

    Books and Print Media:
    Barnes and Noble: http://storelocator.barnesandnoble.c...B9F?store=2538
    Center for Book Arts:
    The Half King Readings Series:
    Muhlenberger Library:

    Gotham City Improv:
    Magnet Theater:
    Peoples Improv Theater:
    Upright Citizens Brigade:

    Community Services:
    10th Precinct:
    Community Board 4:
    Community Board 5:
    Flatiron Buisness Improvement District :
    Hudson Guild:

    Dance and Dance Clubs
    Dance Chelsea:
    Empire Dance:
    Joyce Theater:

    Dog Runs:
    The General Theological Seminary:


    Flu Shots:
    Free HIV/STID Testing:
    Ryan Chelsea Community Health Center:

    Holostic and New Age
    ARE Center

    Go City Kids:

    Hotel Chelsea
    London Terrace:
    Penn Station:
    Penn South:

    Multimedia/Multiple event types
    Chelsea Now: ( current events listings link is on right/middle of page)
    The Graduate Center:
    Javits Center :
    The Kitchen:
    Madison Square Garden:

    The Made Up Musical:
    Snitch Rock and Roll Bar:
    Whie Box New Composers Series:

    Parks and Recreation :
    Chelsea Recreation Center:
    Chelsea Piers:
    High Line:
    Madison Square Park:

    Religious Experiences:
    Church of the Holy Apostles:
    Jacks 99 Cent Shop:
    New Shul:
    Marble Collegiate Church:
    West Side Jewish Center:



    Shopping ( Discount)

    Shopping (Unique, Unusual and Upscale)

    Chelsea Piers:
    Madison Square Garden :
    Seido Karate:

    Street Fairs/Garage Sales/Flea Markets:
    London Terrace "Tasty" Streat Fair -Yum Yum!
    Penn South "Vine Ripened" Street Fair -Ready for harvest Summer 2008!

    Tenant Advocacy
    Chelsea Coalition on Housing 326 W 17th St. (basement), 212-243-0544 Thursdays @ 7:30pm
    Chelsea Housing Group:

    Atlantic Theater Company:
    Theater Listings 14th-34th Street:

    34th street Partnership :

    Sivananda Yoga:

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    Re: Chelsea Click Your Activities!

    Thanks Southpaw for posting this. Quite a resource!


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      Re: Chelsea Click Your Activities!

      This weekend (October 6-7) is Open House New York, when interesting architectural sites around the city open their doors to the public for free tours and visits. Many fascinating Chelsea, Village and Lower Manhattan sites are on the list this year.


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        Re: Chelsea Click Your Activities! / Readings at 192 Books

        192 Tenth Avenue at 21st Street, New York City

        Phone: 212.255.4022
        Fax: 212.255.7768

        Bookshop Hours:
        Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 7pm
        Sunday and Monday, Noon to 6pm


        This is a terrific reading series! You may want to email them to get on their mailing list. The bookstore itself is quite small, so it's a good idea to RSVP ASAP is you want to go to one of their events.


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          Re: Chelsea Click Your Activities!

          Thanks Southpaw, for posting this most valuable information. I've printed it out and am retaining it in my "Events" file for future reference.




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            West Side Rail Yards and West Side Tenants Conference 10/13

            This week from the West Side Neighborhood Alliance:

            1)Tenants? Conference on Saturday! ( 10/13/2007 )
            2)What?s the deal with the Rail Yards?

            1)Tenants? Conference on Saturday!

            Join us this Saturday for the third annual West Side Tenants? Conference, which WSNA and Housing Conservation Coordinators are co-sponsoring with other neighborhood groups and elected officials.

            The conference is from 10:00 to 4:00 at Fordham University Law School , 140 W. 62nd Street , between Columbus and Amsterdam . We recommend you come at the beginning for a free breakfast and to hear the keynote address by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn!

            Please click here for more information, including a schedule of morning and afternoon workshops.

            The conference is free, of course, and breakfast and lunch are provided to all participants.

            Can you come on Saturday? Contact Ivette at HCC to RSVP: or 212-541-5996 x24.

            2)What?s the deal with the Rail Yards?

            Soon, you may be hearing in the news that developers are submitting bids for the West Side Rail Yards.

            You may remember those rail yards from such proposed boondoggles as the West Side Stadium, which many of our members worked very hard to defeat.

            It?s true: the MTA is now accepting bids for what developers will build on that site instead of a stadium. All the bids are expected to include housing and park land, but we have many questions of immediate interest to our community. Will there be required affordable housing? Will the park really be accessible to neighborhood residents, or will it just be for people in luxury buildings nearby? Will developers preserve the High Line on the rail yards or will they try to knock it down?

            The West Side Neighborhood Alliance will be involved throughout this very long process, advocating for required affordable housing and development that really serves the community.

            But before we can fight those battles, we have one that starts today: the MTA is receiving bids from various developers, but their current plan does not have any role for public input before they choose a winning bid. In fact, according to the current structure, they can keep all the bids a secret until they pick a winner.

            We don?t like that, here at the West Side Neighborhood Alliance. If the MTA doesn?t tell us what the developers are proposing, how can we weigh in about our needs? Please click here to see the letter we fired off to the MTA, demanding a public review of the bids.

            Do you want to get involved in our campaign for the West Side Rail Yards? Click here for more information.


            John Raskin and Lucas Shapiro
            Community Organizers
            Housing Conservation Coordinators


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              Backstage Actorfest Oct 13, 2007

              Photo Gallery

              Every year, the pages of Back Stage come alive at Actorfest.

              This one-day event provides actors, singers, dancers and performing artists the unique opportunity to embrace free-flowing and honest advice from agents, casting directors and successful actors.

              Over 4,000 attendees in New York City come to Actorfest to meet face-to-face with dozens of acting teachers, vocal coaches, headshot photographers, and other professionals who can help actors advance their careers.

              Back Stage continues to reign as the entertainment industry's leading authority and resource for the committed actor looking to advance their career.

              Questions? Please feel free to Contact Us.



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                Hudson Guild October Activities and Services for those 55+

                Hudson Guild Adult Services is an inclusive community, committed to providing services and activities to all participants age 55+ with dignity & respect. We welcome and encourage participation to support a diverse environment that respects each person's contributions.

                Note this was scanned, so there may be errors, pick up printed copies at...

                Hudson Guild Fulton Center
                119 Ninth Avenue
                New York, NY 10011
                Phone (212)924-6710

                Hudson Guild Elliott Center
                441 West 26th Street
                New York, NY 10001

                Health and Wellness

                St Vincent's Medical Center Nurse Visit Wednesday, October 17,10-2, Arts and Crafts Room: A nurse will provide blood pressure screening and answer health questions.

                Understanding Emotional Wellness Monday October 29,1:30pm, Guild Gallery II: Learn ways to stay healthy in every aspect of your life.

                Special Events and Workshops

                Ansonia Music Group Performance Friday, October 12,1:30pm, Auditorium: A musical trio will perform jazz and light classical music for participants.

                Eleanor's Outings: United Nations Tuesday, October 23,9:15am: Meet MTA bus at Fulton Center. SI5 lunch or bag lunch. 30 people max. $2 fee. Signup: 10/17,10:30am

                Whitney Museum Trip: Karol Walker Tour WARNING: Explicit Content Tuesday, October 30,12:00pm: Transportation TBD. Bag Lunch available. 30 people max. Signup: 10/22,11:00am

                Hudson Guild Adult Services
                Welcome New Social Work Interns Welcome Shani & Sarah to Social Services and Jiyeon & Kereecha to Group Services. Will offer counseling, groups and other services.

                Membership Meeting/Birthday Party Wednesday, October 21,1:30pm, Auditorium: Membership meeting and October birthday celebration. Music by Ron Dellapina.

                New Member Registration Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30am to 12:00pm: Please see Miriam for new member registration.

                It's Picture Time! Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30 to 12:00 and 2:00 to 3:39pm.: Bernice at reception will take ID pictures for new membership cards.

                Re-Registration Notice Re-registration available with Bernice every day. You must have new AS card or YOU CANNOT ATTEND ANY ACTIVITY

                HGAS' Elliott-Chelsea NORC Services for Elliott-Chelsea Houses residents age 60 and older. For more information, contact Tony Santana at 212-760-9800.

                Escort Assistance and Social Work Dorothy Johnson at 212-924-6710

                9:00-4:00 Computer Lab
                10:00-12:00 Bridge Group
                10:30?5:00 Dominoes and Pool
                1:30-3:30 Movie
                1:30-2:30 Aerobics w/ Audrey
                Arts & Crafts w/ Noralba

                9:00 IM
                Walking Club
                Computer Lab
                New Member Registration

                Theater Tickets
                Dominoes and Pool

                ESTA Art Class
                (Until 11/13)
                Current Events w/ Rebecca
                1:45-3:30 Bingo w/ Ceterina
                2:00-3:00 Massage Class w/ George
                Qi Gong w/ Pin Pin
                4:15- 5:00 (starts 10/16)
                lntergenerational Yoga w/Universal Force Healing Center

                Computer Lab
                10:30-2:30 Theater Tickets
                10:30?5:00 Dominoes and Pool
                Movie Trivia w/ Paul
                Crocheting w/ Kimberly
                Creative Writing w/ Larry
                No New Member Registration

                Computer Lab
                9:30 Bridge Group w/ Muriel
                9:30-12:00 New Member Registration
                10:30-12:30 AM Jewelry Making w/ Mel
                Theater Tickets
                Dominoes and Pool
                1:00-2:00 'The Lively Arts' w/ Jim
                1:30-3:30 PM Jewelry Making w/ Mel
                1:45-3:30 Bingo w/ Ceterina
                1:30-3:00 Legal Clinic (10/4 & 10/18)
                2:30-3:30 Yoga w/ Ellen
                3:30-5:30 Chelsea Housing Group
                (10/11 & 10/25) OCT 11TH: 3:30?5:30 Cooking w/ Ann

                Walking Club
                9:00-4:00 Computer Lab
                Collage w/ Liz
                10:30-12:30 Theatre Tickets
                Tai Chi w/ Pin Pin
                1:30-3:00 Painting w/ Ruth
                1:30-3:30 Movie
                Dancing w/ Donatas
                No New Registration


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                  Affordable Housing Development NYCHA Chelsea Sites Oct 16

                  New Affordable Housing Development On NYCHA Chelsea Sites

                  As part of the rezoning of West Chelsea, the Mayor, the City Council Speaker and Manhattan Community Board #4 negotiated an agreement to produce affordable housing. Part of that agreement included the development of affordable housing for moderate and middle income New Yorkers to be built on parking lots in the Eliot-Chelsea Houses (25th & 9th) and Fulton Houses (18th between 9th & 10th).
                  NYCHA and NYC HPD have now selected developers. The developers and HPD will be making an initial presentation to the public.

                  We urge NYCHA tenants and community residents to attend.
                  Hudson Guild
                  441 West 26th, October 16th
                  6:30 pm


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                    Bulb Planting Oct 20th Clemente Moore Park

                    Bulb Planting Oct 20th

                    Clemente Moore Park 10th and 22nd. 11 to 1pm.

                    rain Date Oct 21


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                      NewLife Expo - 10/19/07 - 10/21/07

                      October 2007 NEWLIFE Expo
                      NYC - 10/19/07 - 10/21/07
                      Hotel New Yorker
                      481 8th Avenue at 34th Street
                      NYC, NY 10001
                      Tel: (516) 897-0900

                      ? Friday 3:30pm to 10:00pm
                      ? Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm
                      ? Sunday 11:00am to 8:00pm

                      INVITE A FRIEND

                      - Free Music Concert
                      - FreeLectures on Health and
                      - Free Holistic Samples
                      - 50% Off all books in Bookstore

                      150 Speakers

                      Sean David Morton
                      Brenda Cobb
                      Swami Bua
                      Star Fuentes

                      Jill Dahne
                      James Capers
                      Dr. John Ryder
                      Steve Maraboli

                      Dr. Robert Sorge
                      Dr. Richard Bartlett
                      Dr. David Jubb

                      150 Exhibits
                      Energy Medicine
                      Massage Area
                      Holistic Area
                      Holistic Doctors
                      Women?s Healthcare
                      Vibrational Healing
                      Eastern Medicine
                      Holistic Cardiology
                      Enviromental Products
                      Anti-Aging Medicine
                      Nutrition & Vitimins
                      Integrative Medicine
                      Magnets & Acupunture



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                        High Line Open Studio 07 Oct 21

                        Exclusive access to over 50 Private studios in West Chelsea. Get maps at the Info center 508 West 26th St.


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                          Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit

                          Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit
                          Artists Wanted
                          Visual AIDS invites artists to participate in our tenth annual Postcards From the Edge benefit. We are looking for artists to donate a 4"x6" original work on paper for the exhibition and sale. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and mixed media are all welcome. We are pleased to announce our host gallery is James Cohan Gallery.
                          DEADLINE is postmark Friday, November 9, 2007 (NO late entries)
                          Postcards From the Edge is a show and sale of original, postcard-sized artworks on paper by established and emerging artists. All artworks are $75 and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The works are signed on the back and exhibited so that the artists' signatures cannot be seen. While buyers have a list of all participating artists, they don't know who created which piece until it is purchased and the signature is revealed. A collector might end up with a work by a famous artist or one they don't yet know. Either way, they walk away with a great piece of art while supporting Visual AIDS's important work.
                          If you would like to participate, please DOWNLOAD Artists Submission Forms here.
                          1. Create or attach your artwork on any 4"x6" heavy-weight paper (Recommended: 140lb watercolor paper or press board). Painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and mixed media are all welcome. One entry per artist
                          2. Sign and print name on the BACK only -- also indicate the top with an arrow.
                          3. Carefully package artwork. Do not wrap wet or sticky artwork. (Recommended: wrap artwork in wax paper and place between thin cardboard.)
                          4. Complete both submission forms.
                          5. Note: UNSOLD artwork will NOT be RETURNED, UNLESS a 6x9 self addressed, stamped envelope is included. Please attach proper postage for return of artwork (current US domestic postage for average 6 oz flat letter is $1.65) Visual AIDS is not responsible for lost or damaged artwork in the mail.
                          6. If you need confirmation that we received your artwork, please also send a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your submission.
                          7. Mail your artwork, submission forms and related forms postmarked by Friday, November 9, 2007 to:
                            Visual AIDS
                            526 West 26th Street #510
                            New York, NY 10001
                          If you cannot download submission forms and/or would like a blank Canson postcard mailed to you, please send a 6" x 9" SASE to Visual AIDS.
                          We appreciate your generous donation of artwork. Postcards From the Edge requires months of preparation and raises a substantial part of our annual budget. We are working to make the benefit more financially successful. In the past, many artists have enclosed $1, $5, $10 with their postcards, raising additional funds to help underwrite the benefit. Any and all donations are always greatly appreciated.
                          After the event, artists requesting return of unsold postcards and those requesting information about the collector of her/his artwork will receive notice in 4-6 weeks. Thanks in advance for your support.
                          Just For You!
                          All participating artists are invited to attend the Preview Party for FREE
                          Preview Party
                          Friday, November 30 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM
                          Participating artists attend free. Raffle Tickets for a chance to win a postcard are only $20 each. One lucky winner will select any postcard that evening! Guests and non-participating artists can also attend the event for a $75 admission fee, which includes one free raffle ticket. Sneak peek only -- NO POSTCARD SALES.

                          Benefit Sale
                          Saturday, December 1 World AIDS Day from 12:00 - 6:00 PM &
                          Sunday, December 3 from 12:00 - 4:00 PM
                          $5 Suggested Admission for everyone
                          Over 1000 original postcard-size works of art from wonderful artists like yourself!
                          ONLY $75 EACH. Buy four cards and get one free.
                          Cash, checks and credit cards

                          Come support your fellow artists, build your art collection, buy something special for the holiday and remember AIDS Awareness month, all the while helping out the important mission of Visual AIDS. For more information, contact Visual AIDS at (212) 627-9855 or

                          > top


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                            Fall Postage Stamp Mega-Event October 25-28, 2007

                            Welcome to the ASDA Web Site

                            The ASDA Fall Postage Stamp Mega-Event

                            October 25-28, 2007

                            Invited you are!

                            The American public has voted and it's time to deliver. Please join the U.S. Postal Service at Madison Square Garden at 10:00 a.m. on October 25th for the dedication of the Yoda stamp. Since it's so close to Halloween and the subject is Yoda, we are encouraging everyone to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. There will be treats for all! Look forward to seeing you, we do.

                            The Fall Postage Stamp Mega-Event will once again be held In New York City at Madison Square Garden. This year's event will feature the return of Digital, as well as, Traditional Exhibits. The United States Postal Service and the United Nations Postal Administration will once again be holding first day ceremonies. To read more about the Fall Mega-Event, click here! For an up to date list of dealers, click here!

                            ASDA's Kids' Corner!

                            This section of our website is specifically geared to the younger stamp collector! To enter the ASDA's Kids' Corner - CLICK HERE... This years event will once again be taking place at the Madison Square Garden, 34th Street & 7th Ave., NY, New York from October 25-28 2007.

                            Show Hours:
                            Thursday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
                            Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

                            Admission is FREE, and you will be able to buy older postage stamps at LESS THEN FACE Value at the show


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                              Halloween in Chelsea

                              Deities and Demons Masquerade October 27th
                              Date & Time: Saturday, October 27, 2007 more on this date
                              10:00 PM
                              Location: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
                              542 W. 27th St. 4th floor

                              More Info:
                              Words can only get in the way as I try and describe the delicious grooving, movements, visuals, and energies that will combine on this night in this space.

                              This will include our second performance of our piece "All Hallow's Eve" with Phantomime. This is the story of a man who is calling to the ghost of his wife, while the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest. He feels her near. What he does not know is that she is there calling to him for a sign as well. Neither knowing how to reach across the veil, both trying desperately before the time passes and the veil again grows thick.

                              It is our pleasure to have Kara Trott singing with us, formerly of Fluttr, Jacob Sirios on drums, Chris Baum on violin, Carlos Kampff on upright, Jason Cohen on keys, vocals and percussion and introducing Katy Georgio on tromBONE. That's right. Taking it to the next level.

                              We are on plugged in at the betwitching hour in the large room, and will be providing some unplugged ambient music in the chapel during the evening. The event begins at 10pm and goes 'til 3am.
                              $20 at the door or in advance (suggested through
                              with live painting by Alex and Allison Grey

                              Blood Manor:

                              1.What is BLOOD MANOR?
                              BLOOD MANOR is a first class Haunted Attraction comprised of approximately 5,000 square feet of themed rooms, corridors, and a labrinth of passageways designed to to maximize one?s fears.

                              9. Where is BLOOD MANOR located?
                              542 West 27th Street between 10th and 11th avenues.


                              Boo! Happy Halloween Party @ Muhlenberg Library

                              Date: Wednesday, October 31 Time: 3:00 PM

                              Audience: children (school age)young adults,

                              Calling all tricksters and treaters! Celebrate Halloween library-style with a party, spooky storytelling, maskmaking, tricks 'n treats, and more! Come in costume, or dressed as yourself! For ages 10-15.

                              Muhlenberg Branch
                              209 West 23rd Street
                              (212) 924-1585


                              Pier of Fear:
                              Saturday & Sunday ? Oct 27 & 28 ? NOON?9, both days
                              Hudson River Park's Pier 54 ? Cross at W.14th St. or Horatio St.
                              This Halloween, scare yourself silly at Hudson River Park's Pier of Fear?two days of Halloween fun designed to thrill and chill children and adults of all ages.

                              Get your heart thumping at one of Manhattan?s largest, best and FREE haunted houses. This Maze of Horrors includes a guided tour through eerie hallways and freaky rooms in complete darkness.
                              As night falls, the maze becomes even spookier for adults and older children.

                              For the faint of heart, plenty of other ghoulishly good activities will keep you in the Halloween spirit.

                              FREE Haunted House and $2.00 face painting, mask decorating, wax hands, rides and more.

                              Please be advised that although Maze of Horror tickets are free, they are limited and wait times may vary. Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and time slots fill up quickly.