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    While at the deli section today in Garden of Eden today on 23rd st, I was told that that location will be closing sometime this summer

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    I think they had filed for chapter 11 awhile ago. I imagine the rent is very high.these employees have no job protection and may be out of work if they close as they are not union. my union UFCW local 1500 had several rallues for them to unionize (oh I am happily retired now) but did work for the competition- I shop there on occasion - they always have a good selection of food for the jewish holidays- chelsea is just so expensive in real estate- can that little guy survive- I still will miss the store = they always have good rotisserie chicken


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      Oh, I'm sad to hear this. I liked their produce.


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        yes looks like they are only closing this location- probably the rent did not help- there is still plenty of produce but no more prepared foods and not much baked goods- I liked it for their passover food in prepared foods area- was another place to go other then whole foods for selection


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          yes they did close but the other locations are open