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    I do not copy and paste but there is some useful information in the community board 5 newsletter- an article you may want to see- not sure if anyone else gets this newsletter but it might be worth it to get the point of view on this site since it concerns chelsea residents- if i only knew how to copy and paste I would do it

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    hey Momjo, Here's the story from the CB5 Newsletter...

    OCTOBER 2016

    Friends -

    I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to see an extraordinary story by Michael Kimmelman in the New York Times last week that offers "an alternative plan" for Penn Station, proposing what Penn Station (and 8th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Street) could look like if only our political leadership had the guts and the vision to dream big.

    As someone who has lived close to the current Madison Square Garden since it was built in the 1960's, I've known since childhood what an ungainly hulk it is, with its back turned gracelessly against 8th Avenue and the historic Farley Post Office building directly across the street. Even as a child, walking those two blocks felt cold and unwelcoming; severe. This is particularly ironic, as MSG sits atop one of the largest, most important transportation portals in the entire country. CB5 called for MSG to be moved over three years ago when we voted to limit the extension of its permit to only ten more years.

    The glory of the Kimmelman piece is that it lets all of us visualize, see with our own eyes, what could be, how our everyday reality could be different. It is a stunning view of how we could create a glorious change for our district and our city if only we demanded it.

    Wally Rubin
    District Manager


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      thank you so much - this concerns many of us in chelsea and penn south where i live


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        Momjo -- maybe this will help copy and paste

        1) Go to the top of what you want to copy
        2) Hold down the shift key and scroll down until the whole article is highighted
        3) Right click usually shows several choices, one of which is copy. If not you can always hit ctrl-c
        4) Go to where you want to put the text you've copied and right click to select the choice paste. Or you can hit ctrol-p

        Hope this helps


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          southpaw did it already- but thanks- I thought it was important- I did pm you