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  • Still Working on the Site

    I wanted to let you all know I was able to do some work on the site today. The main thing I accomplished was taking the "vBulletin" logo off the site and replacing it with a clickYourBlock one.

    On the bad news side, a week or so ago I found out that the site that provided the software that gave us our layout of the old site was still up and running. I took a quick glance and it appeared that they had continued to update their software and I thought it would work with this version of vBulletin. But today when I went back to take a closer look I found out they stopped developing it a few years ago and it doesn't support this version. So, unfortunately, it looks like the site is going to have to stay pretty much like it is now.

    But I was able to rearrange things a bit. Right now, on the left side of the homepage you'll see the latest posts. That is the same as what you saw in the middle column of the old homepage. It doesn't look as good now as it did and it's more annoying because it just shows one line of the last post. The old site showed a few sentences so you could easily see what the post was about. But at least you can quickly see the most recent activity.

    At the top of the left column you can click on the Forums tab and see the full list of forums. That's annoying too because it shows everything and you have to scroll down a lot to get to the Penn South area. But if you do want to post a new topic on a certain block, that's how you would get to it.

    One thing I wanted to mention that would help the site look a little better is if you guys would add a profile picture. It doesn't have to be of you necessarily. I understand you might want to keep anonymous. But, profile pictures would help it look a little more visually appealing.

    I'll keep working on it and tweaking it and looking for a better solution. You'll probably see gradual changes over the next few weeks.

    Thanks again for all your support! And if you have any suggestions or questions, just post them here.

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    And one other thing I meant to mention... some of the links aren't working. If you click on anything in the Tag Cloud - none of that works. Same for the New Topics and Today's Posts links at the top of the page. I'm working with vBulletin to try to get that working. But they're blaming me and saying there's something weird on the server that's redirecting those links. But I've never put the thing on the server that they're talking about! So that looks like it's going to be a fight - that will take awhile.


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        Hey! Still getting used to the new look!


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          Haha! The new look is pretty jarring in my opinion. I don't think I'm ever going to get used to it.

          This is the software that made it look the way it did last time... - but they stopped developing it just before this latest version of vBulletin was released. I'm really missing it. But the guy who developed it said it just didn't pay for him to continue working on it. I'm going to keep looking around to see if anyone else has done something similar. But it's a shot in the dark at this point as I haven't yet found anything like it.


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            How do we make a profile picture and do we still have a way of sending personal messages? I couldn't find s way to do that. Thanks


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              I don't know if my last post made it or went astray, so forgive if this is a duplicate. But I just wanted to say that I finally figured out how to do an avatar, and I also see how to do a private message. Now all we have to do is spread the word and get this Board active again.


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                had a problem posting but we figured it out= I'm back LOL- we really need more people to post= there were 2 street fairs over the weekend