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Spinning Tables at the Frying Pan

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  • Spinning Tables at the Frying Pan

    I had never gone to the Frying Panóthe restored boat/event space docked beside the Chelsea Piersóbefore last week. It was one of those places that Iíd almost been to a bunch of times, but never actually made it. I nearly didnít go that night, either, but Iím glad I did, because I think I ended up there under perfect conditions, although I had no way of knowing it until later.

    Two friends and I went in at about 1 am. There was no one at the door, and the place was nearly empty. The boat swayed slightly, dark and dank inside. I wandered around at a slower than usual pace, winding through the shipís many rooms. There were only a handful of other people. They must have come aboard the same time we did, given that we, for a time, were all clustered by the bathroom. I lost track of my friends among huge rooms filled mainly with machinery, narrow passageways dotted by portholes, and then found them again and again, there, in other rooms and levels, and finally on the tin-floored bottom, smooth with wear over the years.

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    Re: Spinning Tables at the Frying Pan

    been on the frying pan a few times with an annnual group party. love pat lafrieda burgers- delicious. many people just go for drinks- beer. nice place to just hang out for lunch- bathrooms a little tricky to get to with the stairs. please give this place a try in nicer weather