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JUIC-O-LOGY now open. YUM!

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  • JUIC-O-LOGY now open. YUM!

    Just quick note that this place has been open for almost a open til 9, has wifi, comfy barstools, coffee is really good, and pricing is so good and fair, plus cool people behind counter, that it my be my new favorite thing around here.
    They do full breakfast also, including chorizo n egg burrito.
    Check it out....

    8th Ave bet. 30th and 29th.

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    Re: JUIC-O-LOGY now open. YUM!

    yes I tried their pasta ans the portion was really big but now they are just doing salad wraps and soup. they told me moussaka wasnt a seller and i was waiting for it, the owner has or had another place in astoria, yes staff is nice. the corn soup is good. I am not sure how often I will go in there as I don;t care for wraps but I do like soup. the pasta was good but like i said i think they stopped it. i havent tried the coffee= so many places to get coffee around chelsea if its not served with a homemade muffin or scone i am not interested LOL- has anyone tried the salad bar?


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      Re: JUIC-O-LOGY now open. YUM!

      Glad you checked them out, but i am turning into a superfan.
      So far i have tried the flatbreads, california wrap, prosciutto panino, 4 soups, and the various croissants etc. everything was delicious.
      There are a lot of coffee spots further down 8th ave but mostly chains. And the area from w. 26th on up 8th is a deadzone for good coffee and a place to sit, read or do emails, relax with good cafe food.
      And its cleaner than most of the places around here by more than half. Except Pushcart i guess....