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    a new site benefiting nyc is available--- take a look and click on chelsea= will give you good information- everything from mouse sitings to homeless issues- this is a great new site- thanks to my kid for discovering it- i put a link on my page for myself so all i need to do is click it on- will give details on resturant grades too

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    Hi Mowgli & momjo,

    We had a problem with the database on the site today and I had to restore everything from last night's backup - so we lost your last three posts. However, I copied them so I could put them back.

    At 10:42 AM on 10/19/15 Mowgli-Steven wrote:
    "Hi Momjo526... couldn't find the link.. also looked on your profile page but didn't see it :-(

    At 12:29 PM on 10/19/15 Mowgli-Steven wrote:
    "It would have helped if I had my glasses on LOL... sorry Momjo... didn't see it in the title of the post....:-) (half the times I put my glasses down and then forget where I put them)

    At 7:44 PM momjo526 wrote:
    "ok so did you find it== you can go right to chelsea and put the link up in your favorites box like I did- really good site"

    Sorry about that! But these were the only two posts that had been added since the last backup... so now you have them again.


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      LOL- thanks- that site is really good to have handy